AKB48 Reveal Their Charity Effort Total

19 02 2012

At a handshake event at the Seibu Dome yesterday, AKB48 revealed how much they’ve raised so far for the Japanese Red Cross which has helped those who were affected by the Tohoku disaster last March. Up to now through their ‘Dareka no Tame ni’ project and by a portion of their CD sales – around $8.4 million dollars had been raised. There will be an additional $7.4 million dollars by AKB48 which will be pumped into the appeal to raise the total to an incredible $15.8 million dollars.

As well as that, AKB48 stated they will donate 30 vehicles to the prefectures of Iwake, Fukushima and Miyagi (10 vehicles to each prefecture). But that’s not the end of it. AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 will each hold a charity concert in their own theaters on the anniversary of the disaster (March 11th). The revenue from that day will also be given to the Japanese Red Cross.

Well done to AKB48. They stated from the start that they would do all that they could to help the people and they have done just that – not just raising money but visiting folks in the affected areas. Their efforts deserve to be congratulated.



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