Acchan To Blame For Yamapi’s Latest Drama Ratings Disaster

20 02 2012

Poor Acchan. She’s had a tough time in the dramas that she’s starred in during the past year and things haven’t improved in the latest one she’s in. You would have thought that with the ever popular Yamapi also in ‘Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ ‘ that ratings would have been high but unfortunately they haven’t and Johnny’s Entertainment is putting the blame squarely on Acchan. There’s a rumour going around that Johnny’s taken the extreme step of blacklisting Acchan from starring in any drama featuring their artists. Apparently they’ve been measuring the ratings by the minute and whenever Yamapi and Acchan are together in a scene the ratings drop to single digits so they think the blame for the low ratings the drama has been garnering is Acchan’s fault. That’s a bit harsh I’d say.

Johnny’s blacklist is usually reserved for unpopular women. Some women are only blacklisted for a while whilst others in the past have been banned from starring with a Johnny’s member for the rest of their career. ‘Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~’ low ratings has been a surprise for many because usually any drama featuring Yamapi has been a ratings winner. The script for the remaining episodes that have yet to be filmed is allegedly being re-tooled in order to get the ratings back up.

Instead of blaming Acchan for the ratings, could it be that the drama itself is crap and not interesting enough.



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20 02 2012

I didn’t know Acchan was in another drama. I looked up to see what the concept was and it is about a funeral home. I wouldn’t watch it no matter who was in. Acchan starred in Q10 and got higher ratings than Ikemen Desu Ne who had JE guys in it.

20 02 2012

Jealous fangirls could be the reason ratings go down. Who knows but Johnny is an idiot. Lot of people are supporting Acchan on this issue.

20 02 2012

I think you could be right about jealous fangirls.

20 02 2012

Just a comment about your writing style Welshjapanotaku – can you use people’s full names first before you go into nicknames? I had to Google “Yamapi”, and indeed, even in the AKB world, I have no idea what some of their nicknames are.

21 02 2012
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23 02 2012

Why the fudge is Acchan crippled in this show

23 02 2012

I haven’t seen the show so far so I can’t really say. Perhaps somebody that’s following the drama can answer your question.

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