Give Me Five 1st Week Sales & AKB48 Sales Records Updated

21 02 2012

During it’s first week of release, AKB48 managed to sell 1,287,000 copies of GIVE ME FIVE! to place it at no.4 in the all-time first week sales ranking. Due to the single hitting no.1, more of the sales records (they have 6) by female groups they currently hold have been updated and they now look like this:

Total Sales: 13,155,000 copies
They destroyed Morning Musume’s record which stood at 11,808,000 with sales for Ue Kara Mariko but have solidied their position and pushed further ahead with GIVE ME FIVE!. It’s going to be a long long time I reckon before anybody breaks this own.

First week total sales: 1,354,000 copies (Flying Get)
It’s true that they didn’t come close to breaking this record but just you wait until the next single comes out.

Singles that reached ‘million’: 7
Pink Lady held that record with 5 singles until Ue Kara Mariko.

Singles that reach ‘million’ consecutively: 6
So it’s now 6 million selling singles on the trot for AKB48 and that trend looks to continue in the foreseeable future. Pink Lady again held that record previously with 5.

Total Singles charting at No.1: 12
With this single, they’ve passed Morning Musume who had 11 singles hitting no.1 in their first week.

Total Singles charting at No.1 consecutively: 12
They passed Pink Lady’s record a while ago who only had 9 no.1 singles on the trot.




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