Acchan Goes To Paris For Her New PB

22 02 2012

Atsuko Maeda went to Paris, France during the Autumn on assignment for her new and 5th photobook which is named Bukiyou (Clumsy) which comes out on general release on March 16th.

Acchan persuaded the book publishers to take her to Paris to celebrate her turning into an adult and this PB as has been the trend in others featuring AKB48 members will feature a different Atsuko Maeda that we haven’t seen before – the normal and clumsy person that she is hence the title of the PB. Acchan roams all around Paris in her PB doing what any other tourist does in the city – walking around and taking in all the sights but the book publishers haven’t forgotten what makes PB’s so popular so we do get some sexy shots of her too. I hope she didn’t experience what a lot of Japanese people get in the city – The Paris Syndrome. The fantasy romantic image of the city from TV and books that they’ve dreamt of is burst once they see the reality of Paris.

Take a look at some preview shots from the PB below.



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27 02 2012
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