AKB48 To Become Suicide Prevention Spokespeople

25 02 2012

Japan has unfortunately one of the highest suicide rates in the world. In fact over 30,000 people took their own lives in the country last year which is extremely sad and a lot of cases involve young people. If you’ve ever been to Japan and on the trains especially in Tokyo, you’ve probably seen on the train information TV screens that some services get delayed every single day due to an accident. 99% of the time this ‘accident’ is somebody committing suicide. Barriers have now appeared on some Tokyo station platforms to try and stop people from throwing themselves in front of trains. The Chuo Line is so notorious for suicides that Tokyoites have dubbed it the ‘Chuocide’ line.

In an attempt to halt the country’s depressing statistic, the government has asked AKB48 to become spokespeople for suicide prevention. The intention is if somebody can see some signs that a person might attempt suicide,  they will ask them to seek help. Perhaps AKB48 can reach out to a depressed person. Many fans say that when they feel sad, lonely and depressed just listening to an AKB48 song can cheer them up. If AKB48 can help people to change their minds about taking their lives then that’s a good thing isn’t it so I’m backing this scheme 100%.



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25 02 2012

I agree. I too was uplifted when I first heard their song (River). I hope that the group will bring great cheer and joy to those targeted by this campaign.

BTW, that statistic is very high. It’s very surprising.

25 02 2012

Believe it or not, it’s the 4 year in a row for suicides in Japan to top 30,000. A very sad statistic.

25 02 2012
27 02 2012

Don’t want to sound racist but I think this is an Asian thing. I heard S. Korea has a high suicide rate too. It could be the lifestyle and pressures of living in those societies, as well as depression and other emotional factors that are strong in those areas, that people commit suicide. Hope AKB’s involvement can see a decline in stats.

28 02 2012

Westerners just prefer to end their lives in a more excruciating and cowardly way. Eg. Drugs

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