Sayaka Finishes Her 2nd Tokyo Marathon

27 02 2012

Sayaka Akimoto managed to complete her 2nd Tokyo marathon in a row yesterday and in the process knocking off nearly 75 mins from her previous best time. In 2011 she completed the gruelling course in 6 hours 53 mins and 53 seconds. This time she did it in 5 hours 39 mins and 34 seconds. Sayaka’s goal was always to do the course in under 6 hours so good on her for doing that. Sayaka’s charity this year was one that was chosen by her mother ‘Charity to Connect Lives’ – it provides medical supplies to poor families.

Many congratulations to Sayaka and watch her cross the finishing line in the clip below.



3 responses

27 02 2012

that’s why she’s one of my favorite idol L”L

27 02 2012

The record is about 2 hours?

27 02 2012

The record for the women’s event is 2 hours 25 mins 28 secs which was set yesterday by Ethiopian runner Atsede Habtamu. She took 10 seconds off the previous record made in 2009 by the Japanese runner Mizuho Nasukawa.

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