NMB48 Hotel Room Scandal Revisited! More Trouble Perhaps For Some Members?

28 02 2012

Take this piece of news with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed. It could be completely false. There’s a rumour flying around about the NMB48 hotel room scandal that took place in 2011. Last year a couple of members were suspended due to inviting some male fans into their hotel rooms and this latest rumour boils down to the same wotas that were involved in that. The rumour have even reached Aki-P’s ears who has asked the NMB48 manager to explain what the hell is going on with his charges. Fans tried to contact NMB48 management to explain the situation but they didn’t respond so they asked Aki-P instead. The last thing Aki-P wants is another scandal on his cards.

So let’s dig deeper and find out what this rumour are all about. Runa Fujita from the newly formed Team M recently said in her Google+ account “Um, can I call Kaito’s mom?”. She wasn’t meant to do that but before she could erase the message, those infamous 2channelers managed to grab a screenshot of the message. Now who is this Kaito person? A female friend, a relative perhaps. No, this is the name of the chief wota that was involved in the NMB48 hotel room scandal last year. Some details of what really went down in the scandal haven’t been disclosed but according to 2ch, some NMB48 members did different things hence why some members got more serious punishment than others. It is said that there are 6 members involved with these wotas, some in a proper relationship with them. Most met these guys in their hotel room, another met one outside a 7-11 store. Allegedly it was Nana Yamada that blabbed to management what was going on and once the scandal broke out, these wotas immediately set to attack Yamada on her blog and Google+ account with nasty comments. 2channelers hit back and attacked the wotas’ accounts. The wotas have threatened to disclose the secrets of these NMB48 members to the press. It has also created friction between Yamada and the accused members.

NMB48 management have replied back finally saying that this Kaito is a member of Fujita’s family and that fans shouldn’t listen to the 2ch troublemakers. Is this their attempt to ‘hush-hush’ the scandal and brush it under the carpet. This hasn’t satisfied the fans though and the reply back from NMB48 has only inflamed the situation even more. Right now who knows what will happen next? It could all die down in the next few days or it could explode into something far bigger which could see some NMB48 members being given the sack! Stay tuned.



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28 02 2012

Thanks for the update man, I was wondering what was really going on with NMB48.

28 02 2012

wotas v 2ch – that’s a place you don’t want to be in the middle of!

28 02 2012

This isn’t going away and I seriously want to know what happened because this sounds like more than a ‘have a boyfriend’ thing.

29 02 2012
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29 02 2012

At this point, any explanation they offer would be seen as just an excuse. I don’t think the fans would be satisfied with anything short of a suspension or a punishment of some sort. Might be a good idea, too, if only just to send a stern warning to these girls.

29 02 2012
tokai / binaryriot

This are all only rumors. There never has been any official confirmation of any of this. So all what we heard about the original scandal should be taken with a grain of salt until there’s some definitive proof.

29 02 2012
tokai / binaryriot

BTW, back when the original ‘scandal’ (or whatever the reason for the suspension was) took place the girls didn’t had Google+ accounts yet, so the wotas couldn’t have rampaged on that occasion in Nana’s Google+ comments. 😉

29 02 2012

Then it must have been Nana’s unofficial blog or even her twitter account. I’m not 100% sure to be honest.

29 02 2012
tokai / binaryriot

The first one she’s not allowed to have, also I’m not aware of any Twitter account (official or not). The only thing she has (besides the G+ account that all the girls got later) was the official Ameba blog (there comments are filtered/ reviewed by the Ameba staff, I think).

29 02 2012

Idols; better than Coronation Street XDD

11 09 2013
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