NMB48 Tour Locations Announced

29 02 2012

As I reported in an earlier post, NMB48 will be going on tour in Osaka prefecture during April and May as a thank you for the local fans who have supported them and made them create history in the Oricon charts with their first 3 singles.

So these are the locations they’ll be heading to on the dates below:

April 19th – Kashiwara Riviere Hall
April 24th – Suita May Theater
April 25th – Sakai City Hall
May 2nd – Osaka ORIX Theater
May 3rd – Osaka ORIX Theater
May 16th – Takatsuki Modern Theater
May 27th – Kaizuka Cosmos Theater
May 29th – Kishiwada Nakari Hall
May 30th – Yao Prism Hall
May 31st – NHK Osaka Hall

For those looking forward perhaps to seeing the newly formed Team M there’s bad news on that as only Team N will be participating in these concerts. Still, it’s a nice gesture by the group to have a tour for the local fans who have helped made them into a national success.



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