Mayuyu Battles Yamapi For Chart Domination!

1 03 2012

Yesterday saw Mayuyu release her debut solo single ‘Synchro Tokimeki’ and set the early pace in her battle for the weekly no.1 position. Up against her was none other than former NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa. It was quite a surprise to see Mayuyu beat him on the first day of sales although the gap between them was quite small. Mayuyu’s single sold exactly 50,415 and Yamapi’s sold 47k. Power to the Mayuyu wotas!

Johnny’s are going to use the same tactics when French Kiss did very well with their last single and beat one of their artists early on in the week – have several handshaking events to boost sales. The 2nd day of sales has seen a reversal of fortunes. Yamapi beating Mayuyu by a considerable margin of over 7.5k. Mayuyu has sold around 74k in 2 days which is pretty damn good. I’d like to see Mayuyu give Yamapi a good run for his money for the no.1 position but it’s probable even though it’s only the 2nd day that the battle has already been lost. Perhaps Sony should have given Mayuyu a couple of handshake events this week as well.

Could it be that Yamapi’s star power is on the wane considering how close the battle between him and Mayuyu has been so far. You’d expect that he would have beaten her fairly easily. Also instead of blaming Acchan for the drama Ending Planner’s low ratings, Johnny’s should take a look at Yamapi. Maybe he’s not that popular as he was before anymore?

EDIT: Mayuyu regained the top position in the Oricon Daily Charts on Friday and clawed back the lead in sales that Yamapi had taken on Thursday. It really is too close to call who will be no.1 come next week. It would be an almighty shock should Mayuyu win. Come on Mayuyu wotas, let’s make it happen.



3 responses

1 03 2012

“Could it be that Yamapi’s star power is on the wane considering how close the battle between HER and Mayuyu”

Freudian slip? 🙂

2 03 2012

Ooops, I’ve changed the word to HIM. Cheers gorat for pointing this out to me!

2 03 2012

According to my girlfriend, Yamapi is too quiet and less fun-loving as compared to other popular Johnny idols.

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