Team 4 & Johnny’s Jr To Star Together In Late Night Drama

2 03 2012

On Wednesday it was announced that 5 members of Team 4 (plus 1 RS) and 6 members of Johnny’s Jr are to star together in a late night drama penned by Aki-P. Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (Private Bakaleya High School) will air on NTV from Saturday April 14th at 12.50am. The story involves 2 schools merging together – a yankii school (Johnny’s Jr) and a rich girls school (Team 4). The school has 3 codes of conduct for it’s students: no romance, no exchanging email addresses and early to sleep, early to rise. The Team 4 members taking part are Minarun, Paruru, Haruu, Komari and Mariyagi with kenkyuusei Marina Kobayashi joining them too.

I think this collaboration is a recipe for trouble. Take a group of young boys and girls, teenage hormones all around, romance forming between the 2 groups, secret meetings outside of work and before you know it the fans and 2channelers will have found out and we’ll have a scandal on our hands again although I’m sure Minarun wouldn’t break the rules seeing as she’s just come back from being suspended. It’s great though that Team 4 is getting some spotlight. I’ll probably check it out.



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2 03 2012

I also think this is a recipe for scandal and trouble.

3 03 2012
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3 03 2012

so who bets how long it will take for a romance to turn up in idol news?

My guess is when it starts airing, they’ll definitely be some trouble.

One girl will definitely be suspended from akb, count on it. There’s just too many hormones and forbidden rules for something NOT to happen.

Like come on, if I were a 15 year old girl and someone said “you’re not allowed to like him because you’re an idol,” i would like him more :p

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