Rena Matsui Holds An Event For Her 1st PB

3 03 2012

Thursday saw Rena Matsui coming to the Fukuya Book Store in Shinjuku for an event to celebrate the release of her 1st PB Kingyo (Goldfish). 1,500 fans were invited to join her through a lottery. She looks stunning in the red dress.

Before the event took place, Rena sat down and talked to the press. She sees her future in the acting profession and revealed that it was Aki-P that chose the name of the PB. Rena said although she’s like a goldfish now, she would prefer to be compared to a coelacanth in 30 to 40 years time and be a ‘living fossil’. Rena – I don’t think anybody would like to be called a living fossil!!! I hope Aki-P will listen and get some acting jobs for Rena in order to try and get some experience for her if that’s the route she intends to go down once her idol career is over.



2 responses

3 03 2012

Nobody wants it but her, that is. Hahaha! She’s a vision in red. Strong colors work well with her pale complexion, I think.

100K sales, please be true! ><

3 03 2012

Fossil… haha, that is a good way to turn my attention 🙂

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