HKT48 Team H Unveiled

5 03 2012

HKT48’s Team H was introduced to the press at the HKT Theater yesterday.

The 16 members of the team are:

Chihiro Anai (Captain)
Haruka Wakatabe
Nao Ueki
Madoka Moriyasu
Serina Kumazawa
Aoi Motomura
Haruka Kodama
Anna Murashige
Yui Komori
Sakura Miyawaki
Yuki Shimono
Natsumi Matsuoka
Yuko Sugamoto
Chiyori Nakanishi
Natsumi Tanaka
Airi Taniguchi

Unfortunately, 5 members could not make it to the team and are to continue as kenkyuusei students.

Kyoka Abe
Mina Imada
Sayaka Eto
Ayaka Nakanishi
Maiko Fukagawa

Team H are currently performing SKE48 Team S 2nd Stage Te wo Tsunaginagara at their theater. It’s taken nearly 6 months for management to decide on who would be in the team since all 21 first generation members were introduced to the fans at an AKB48 handshake event last October.

Good luck to the newly formed team. I admit I haven’t taken that much notice of them so far. So now all we want to know is when will they release their debut single?



2 responses

6 03 2012

Got any favorites?

6 03 2012

I quite like Nao Ueki and Airi Taniguchi.

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