Disappointing Sales For SDN48’s Last Single

8 03 2012

I expected SDN48’s last single Makeoshimi Congratulation to do really well in the Oricon Charts when it was released yesterday and it did on the first day but today it has since dropped out of the Top 5 in the daily charts which is really disappointing. There was never any chance of them beating Arashi for the no.1 weekly position but it would have been nice to see them take the no.2 spot.It’s only the 2nd day I know but the single has been released in a very tough week for them.

The first day saw them nearly topping 60k but way behind Arashi who sold over 200k. Today saw them drop to no.8. Exact sales is unknown but it’s probably something between 3 – 5k which is really poor. I thought the fans would have backed them big time seeing as it’s their last single and besides the leading track is a good one as well. I’m hoping sales will pick up again especially over the weekend. SDN48 needs to go out with a bang and not a whimper.

Come on AKB/SKE/NMB/HKT fans – support these girls in their last single. You know it makes sense.



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9 03 2012

I bought a copy! I also bought the “Next Encore” album. I did my part as a fan. I agree, this is kinda sad news. I had thought more would support SDN48 in their big send-off!

9 03 2012
tokai / binaryriot

Well… the NMB48 releases are coming in all the time (3rd single, Naniwa Nadeshiko DVD BOX, Anniversary concert DVD, the NMB48 book, NMB48 calendar and so on). I simply have no more money left for SDN48 as much I wish to support them. With all that 48 groups and millions of releases one has to focus. 🙂

9 03 2012

I understand that a lot of fans would love to support the SDN girls with their last single but find they can’t because there’s just so much stuff being released they don’t have the money.

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