CinDy Joins Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

10 03 2012

I didn’t see this one coming but SDN48 member Kazumi Urano is joining WH7 as a temporary member!! It was Aki-P who revealed all on Google +. As he has contractual obligations with WH7 as a 7 member group he had to fill in the gap left behind by Nacchan’s sudden leaving last month. Don’t get me wrong as I like CinDy but surely there was somebody in AKB48 that could have taken the position? Aki-P’s reasoning behind putting CinDy in WH7 is that she was a former Team B leader and WH was supposed to be a unit made up of Team B members. Sorry, that’s not a good enough reason for me. CinDy’s cute princess character is also supposed to fit right in with WH7. At 26 years old, CinDy would be the oldest member in WH7 with Harugon the next at 20 years old. How long she stays with WH7 is another thing is she’s only temporary?



3 responses

10 03 2012

I always like the original members (basically the first 4) and with SDN going soon, I like that the found a loop hole for her to stay a bit more….

10 03 2012

First thought: is it April Fools?

Possibly the only SDN member I noticed positively, so I’m not against. But 26yo performing cutee teeen songs…? LOL WHAT.

11 03 2012
tokai / binaryriot

CinDy is also in the same agency as the other WH7 girls (well, excluding Wasamin now), which probably was another point in her favor.

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