Nogizaka46 vs Sasshi Is On!

13 03 2012

The first head to head chart battle between a member of AKB48 and their official rivals Nogizaka46 has now been given the green light! On May 2nd Nogizaka46 release their 2nd single whilst Sasshi also releases her debut solo single. This is going to be an interesting fight as I’m sure AKB48 fans will try to not let their newest rivals win this contest. As for myself, I’ll be in Sasshi’s corner all the way. Let battle commence and may the best one win!!



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13 03 2012

Cannot help but feel that this is all planned.

It is a group release versus a solo release.

If the solo wins, it will be made to show that all it needs is one (AKB48) member to win the match. In addition, it will be used to showcase AKB’s dominance in the current era.

If the group wins, it will seems that it is required to use a team just to outsell a single member.

Then again, in either way, the Producer will always win and the audience will get entertained by this “sibling rivalry”.

13 03 2012
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