New AKB48 CM For Puccho Causing A Stir

14 03 2012

The latest CM for the candy Puccho featuring several members of AKB48 which is scheduled to start airing either today or tomorrow is causing a bit of a stir online amongst fans. Why is that then? It’s because the new CM features the members sharing Puccho by passing it to each other using their mouths. If you didn’t know any better you’d think they are kissing each other.

The members taking part in the CM are: Acchan, Yukirin, Paruru, Yuko, Mariko, Mayuyu, Sasshi, Rena Kato (the 10th gen kenkyuusei member getting another push), Tomochin and Takamina. They did state that it was difficult at first for them to do this as they’ve never been so close to each others faces before but after several takes they nailed it.

Aki-P is really pushing the boat out as far as sexuality is concerned with SKE48’s PV for Kataomoi Finally and now this. The closest that AKB48 have come to doing something a little risque in the past was the Heavy Rotation PV. Some fans might say they should not do anything like this as they have a duty to be role models for little kids. Do you see this CM as being a little vulgar and disgusting? Having watched the preview for the CM as you’ll see below it’s not soft porn (as I’ve read several people comment), just a little bit of fan service.



2 responses

14 03 2012

As an AKB48 fan I’m okay with this it doesn’t bother me at all, though I want to know why some people feel this is not acceptable? As I see nothing risqué about it, after all we live in a society that is meant to be more liberal and yet there are some that find it taboo, why? Are people so ingrained with old ways that they are unwilling to accept something so light hearted? It’s only a commercial for sweets…nothing else

14 03 2012

Why is romance between two consenting people of the same sex so much dirtier than when straight people do it. There are gay kids out there too. Or what about pre-teens who are surrounded by commercials, books, TV shows, and basically all media filled with straight characters. Besides, I’ve seen Japanese girls do this with pocky (they gradually bite it down till it is the same size as puccho).

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