Sales Of SDN48’s Best Of Album Gets Their Final Release Off To A Good Start

17 03 2012

Today saw the release of SDN48’s NEXT ENCORE album which will the final CD you’ll be able to buy featuring them before their graduation in 2 weeks time. They topped the album daily chart on the first day selling 40,800 beating 2PM but we as fans need to keep them at no.1 there until next week. SDN48 have never had a no.1 position in the weekly Oricon charts . I know times are hard with money and I understand that but we have to do this for them to show that we care and send a message to whoever it matters that SDN48 still have a future in the J-pop industry.

I know Aki-P has mentioned on Google+ about the mounting campaign by fans to keep the group alive and kudos to all of those involved. Apparently Aki-P tried everything he could to persuade Universal Music to change their minds but they turned down his request. He mentioned that he’s still trying to find a future for all of the members and even if he lost some money he still would like to give something a go. I really hope he comes up with something fast because there’s only 2 weeks to go.



One response

18 03 2012

I got my copy! It is a wonderful release. Well worth the cash in my opinion!

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