Did Jurina Have A Seizure During Fukuoka Performance?

19 03 2012

From a magazine article, it’s been reported that SKE48 member Jurina Matsui collapsed and had a seizure after a performance at the HKT Theater last month. It’s been said that Jurina hasn’t been well for a while and that the toll of having a busy workload finally caught up with her. She could barely move apparently after the final song at the show (her right leg had been strapped due to it feeling tight) and had to be physically helped off stage by the SKE Theater Manager and fellow Team S member Kanako Hiramatsu.

Is it too much to ask for somebody that’s only turned 15 years old to be given a rest sometimes. The girl’s schedule is punishing and probably Jurina herself wouldn’t want a bit of a break thinking it would cause problems but if she doesn’t then I’m afraid her health will suffer. She did take 3 days off to recover thankfully after this incident. Jurina has to know her own limits.

Please Jurina for your own sake, take extra care of your health and don’t do too much. You feel that as the center of SKE48 that you can’t let people down but you’re only human after all. The fans want to continue to see your smile and energy so if you’re not feeling well take some time out. It’s worrying me a bit as I’d hate for Jurina to be laid off long term.



2 responses

20 03 2012

Jurina take care…
Also, grow your hair longer..

21 03 2012

get well soon and getting bigger L”L

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