Takamina Becomes A Train Announcer For The Yamanote Line

21 03 2012

If you’re going to Tokyo before the end of April and think you hear a familiar voice announcing the next station on the JR Yamanote Line trains – don’t think you’re going crazy because it’s none other than AKB48 Captain Takamina! Not only that but one train on the line has been taken over by the group – pictures of AKB48 appear on the outside of the train and inside as well. The AKB48 train started to appear on March 17th and will run until April 15th.

The group have also collaborated with Tokyo Pastel Sand to promote their marshmallow snack which will be sold exclusively at Tokyo and Shinagawa station. There will be three different flavored marshmallows going on sale. Right now only the strawberry one is available until the middle of April. After that the green tea one will be on sale until mid-May and finally the chocolate orange one will be sold until mid-June. From the Youtube clip above, the snack looks delicious!



2 responses

21 03 2012

You got to respect the AKB48 management to get all these things going… Crazy marketing

28 03 2012
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