Sasshi’s Solo Debut Single CD Covers & PV Preview Released

22 03 2012

Even though there’s well over a month to go until her solo debut single ‘Soredemo Suki da yo’ is released, the covers for Sasshi’s CD and a preview of the PV to accompany the main track were released yesterday. There will be 4 versions of her CD coming out: Type A, B, C and a Theater version. 3 of the CD covers show the 3 different personalities she’ll play in the PV. Type A has her as an idol, Type B as a schoolgirl with a negative attitude and Type C as a freelance worker. The covers are as follows:

The PV preview looks like this:

I’m hoping that she’ll prevail over Nogizaka46 who also release their 2nd single on the same day (May 2nd).



2 responses

22 03 2012

Shouldn’t C be the schoolgirl as she is wearing a school uniform?

22 03 2012

I think C looks more like a business outfit than a school uniform but then again looking at it from another angle I can see where you’re coming from Melos, yeah it does look like a school uniform.

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