Has Aki-P Gone Nuts?

24 03 2012

There’s been a couple of strange and shocking announcements on Day 2 of AKB48’s Saitama Super Arena concerts which doesn’t make any kind of sense at all.

The first announcement was straightforward enough. Team 4 is welcoming 5 new members into their ranks. The new members are:

Yuka Tano
Karen Iwata
Rena Kato
Juri Takahashi
Rina Kawaei

It was the other announcements that have left fans gobsmacked and wondering what the hell is Aki-P playing at.

Joining Team K is none other than………..Jurina Matsui of SKE48. Yes, Juritan is temporarily becoming a member of AKB48. Her workload will be doubled as she will continue to do activities for SKE48 as well. I was moaning the fact earlier on in the week about management giving her a break after what happened in Fukuoka and now they do this to her. Jurina was shocked as the announcement was made by Togasaki. I’m seriously worried now about her. I don’t care that AKB48 management have said that they’ll look after her and won’t overwork the girl but come on, she’s just 15 years old and you’re putting all this extra work on her. Captain Sayaka commented on Google+ that Team K is glad of having Jurina but they are worried about her health. Sayaka, Umechan, Yuko and the rest of Team K – look after Jurina well will you please.

Another new ‘temporary’ member to the ranks of AKB48 specifically Team B will be Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48. Again it’ll be the same arrangement as Jurina – double duty with both AKB48 and NMB48. This temporary transfer of the 2 girls is supposed to be a chance for them to learn from AKB48 members. Management haven’t said how long this transfer will last – a couple of months, 1 year, who knows?

I still can’t get my head around why Aki-P felt the need to do this?

Oh and I forgot to add as well that Team 8 will be formed soon!

Tomorrow is the final day of the Saitama Super Arena concerts. If today’s announcements were surprising enough, what will be in store tomorrow? I fear some graduation announcements. We’ll soon find out.



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24 03 2012


I’m worried for Jurina and weirdly happy for Milky, though she would have to travel further…

(Milky’s photo here is good!)

I need to comment on another announcements now. And read with understanding, too, just a bit shocked :)))

24 03 2012

Oh no, one Karen’s supporter will start mocking us, seriously, what a fuel to fire :))) My general impressions over KKS make me feel surprised for promotion of remaining four, but I simply have to learn them better…

Wait, so first 12th gen promotions just happened? =O

24 03 2012

Honestly I love this thing shock thing. Like with the team shuffles. i was mad at first but then again this is what makes AKB AKB. If it wasn’t fuel rage with fans, it be the bore feast of H!P all over again. AKB might as well half ass production and wear some chicken costumes…. ah, nevermind team 4 did the penguin costumes hahahahaha

25 03 2012

I’m kinda starting to understand why Aki-P did this now. It’s keeping the product fresh. He has to do these kind of things in order for AKB48 not to become stale. It keeps the fans on their toes and AKB48 back in the spotlight.

25 03 2012
tokai / binaryriot

Lets assume for a minute that the rumors are true that Jurina will start to visit a high school in Toyko. Then this transfer actually will lessen her (travel) workload. Maybe after the rumored incident in Fukuoka (“overworked Jurina”) Yasusu actually saw this as possibility and service for Jurina rather than mere shuffling for some drama effect during the announcement.

Okay… now they had decided to transfer the designed face of SKE48. That’s difficult to sell and there was another spot open in a top team… so they looked for a girl in a similar position to Jurina (designed top face, but just at #2 in popularity in their respective group) and found Milky as the obvious choice.

So this could fix two things. Lessen Jurina’s workload in the long run, increase popularity of their designed faces. And of course it makes some good drama during the announcement and let the fans talk for a while. 🙂

Anyway… just some speculation from my side.

25 03 2012

Jurina still isn’t well. She’s only appearing in 1 song at today’s SSA concert.

28 03 2012
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