4th Senbatsu Election Date

25 03 2012

Make sure you ring this particular date in your calendar/diary and cancel everything you have planned as June 6th has been confirmed to be the date of the 4th AKB48 Senbatsu Election which will take place at the Nippon Budokan. You will not want to miss this exciting event and I’m sure it will be screened live on Youtube/Google+.

In previous elections, the ranking for the next single has been divided into 2 groups: those ranked 1 – 21 to be on the leading track and then from 22 – 40 to be the Undergirls but this year things are going to change. There are going to be 4 groups this time round because of the ever increasing number to the 000 family. So now there’ll be 64 places available for the 27th single with it breaking down like this:

01- 16 Senbatsu (media senbatsu to increase from 12 to 16)
17 – 32 Under Girls 1
33 – 48 Under Girls 2
49 – 64 Under Girls 3

This will give more of the members a chance to be ranked. Voting tickets will definitely be included in the next single (26th). I always look forward to this event as it’s a great opportunity for us as fans to take part and vote for your favorite member to appear in the 27th single.



3 responses

25 03 2012

will the election also have JKT48???

25 03 2012

That’s a very good question actually. I don’t really know to be honest with you. I’m sure we’ll find out when there’ll be more details about the election.

25 03 2012

Okay thank you

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