Details On What Acchan Said On Her Graduation

25 03 2012

So then guys, have you all caught your breath back after the shocking graduation announcement. It’s gonna take a while for me to take in this news. AKB48 without Acchan is going to be incredibly strange.

Well anyway this is a recap of what Acchan said in a very emotional speech. She told the audience that she’s been a 1st generation AKB48 member since she’s been 14 years old and it was a big decision in her life. The 2nd biggest decision is graduating from the group. During her time with AKB48 she has caused trouble for many people due to her mood swings but thanks to everybody’s help she is here today. She’s wanted to perform at the Tokyo Dome since she was 14 years old. As this dream will come true now that she’s 20 years old, it’s time to move on towards her next dream. She’s worked hard for 6 and a half years. She’s worried and anxious about what is to come in the future for her. There is no details or timescale as to when she will graduate.

All of the AKB48 members seemed to be in major shock at the news. Poor Tomo~mi was hyperventilating like crazy. I can’t imagine how they’re all feeling right now.

I think it’s pretty obvious that AKB48’s biggest concert to date at the Tokyo Dome will be Acchan’s swansong which I think will be a fitting venue for her graduation.

If Acchan’s heart isn’t in AKB48 anymore and she wants to do something else then we have to support her. It’s going to be difficult for a lot of fans to accept her decision but we have to. We should be happy for her. She’s given everything for AKB48 – blood, sweat and tears and for that we should be so grateful for all that she’s done. She’ll never be forgotten by the fans.

EDIT: A fan at the concert has kindly uploaded a voice recording of Acchan’s annoucement on Youtube



13 responses

25 03 2012

i’m really depressed right now T^T

25 03 2012

I think you’ve summed up what the majority of fans are feeling.

25 03 2012
Dominic Harrison Palmer

Is there anywhere we can view a video of her speech?

25 03 2012

I’ll have a look to see what I can find. I would imagine that all of the major networks in Japan tomorrow morning will be covering this news.

25 03 2012

I hope she will still participate in the senbatsu elections…

25 03 2012

the announcement still haunted me..

25 03 2012

I wonder if AKB will ever be the same once Acchan leaves?

25 03 2012

If she is in the election, then I don’t think anybody but her will get votes.

25 03 2012

We won’t know for certain if she’s in the election or not until she confirms her graduation date and when the Tokyo Dome concert takes place. I’ve a feeling that the concert will be planned for August close to the time of the 27th single release. If that concert wasn’t going to be a sell-out before, it certainly will be now. Everybody and I mean every AKB48 fan will want to attend it.

25 03 2012
Toro Kuswan

my tears are falling down after i read this article…. but life goes on, maybe she has another plan in her life….

25 03 2012

Acchan has always wanted to be an actress so I’m sure that’s what she’ll be doing after graduating from AKB48. It’s not like she’ll disappear completely from our lives, she’s bound to appear on some TV shows and dramas.

25 03 2012

But the biggest question is, who will take over her place as ace of Team A once she leaves, because we all know Harunyan and Mari-Sama won’t be in the group for long. My money is bet on Sasshi, AkiCha, and hopefuly Mitsumune Kaoru (if she gets promoted to Team A)

26 03 2012

Kaoru is rumored to stay shorter than Mariko 😉

Sasshi is the safest bet as for now, excluding old aces.

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