Videos Of Acchan’s Announcement

26 03 2012

As expected, the Japanese media has picked up yesterday’s story about Acchan’s graduation so here’s a couple of videos I’ve found on Youtube so you can finally see Acchan’s speech. You will able to see the reaction on some on the other members’ faces. The last video also shows the announcement of Jurina and Milky’s temporary transfer to AKB48.

I don’t expect these videos to stay up for long.



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26 03 2012

Great work on getting those videos man, thanks.
and like you said on your other post, akimoto was saving the best/worst part for last, and I think I wasn’t the only one expecting a graduation announcement but I thought it would be someone like shinoda or kojima.
I really hope this isn’t the beginning of the end, but I think aki-p still got a few cards up his sleeve he’ll figure out something.

26 03 2012

heres wat acchan said in the first video some one got it for me to put it in the news for the wikia of akb so wondered when it was long i thought it was this
“Please let me say something. When I was 14, I attended an AKB48 audition. And then, I joined the group as a member of the original generation. This event, attending the audition, to me, was a major decision in life. Today right here, please let me make my 2nd major decision. I, Maeda Atsuko, will graduate from AKB48. Ever since from the past, my emotions always go up and down intensely. It has caused the members a lot of troubles. And then, to the fans as well, has caused quite a lot of worries. Even so, I still followed my own ways in the past 6 and half years to get to where I am today. On the first day of this concert, we had the announcement of the Tokyo Dome Concert. Ever since I was 14, I have been aiming towards this dream with everyone. Now, this dream is becoming a reality. I am really looking forward to it. And now, I must work towards my dream of 20 years old. I once again think that I can no longer not take an action. To be honest, I am full of worries. I don’t know what may happen in the future. But for all the juniors here today, I think I cannot not graduate and not start moving forward. That is what I think. Finer details haven’t been made, it’s not like I’m going to graduate instantly. Once the finer details have been set, we will inform you. Because of me, taking everyone’s time, I am really sorry. I really want to thank everyone. Making this announcement today, this is something I have already decided that I must do. Thinking that this concert is over. Even though it may have only lasted for a short while. But as a member of AKB48, I have created a beautiful memory with everyone. Wanting to make everyone smile, this, I will never forget. I will carry on this attitude and work hard towards the future. Today, giving everyone a shock, I am really sorry. And I really want to thank you all.”

26 03 2012

Watching Takamina touch Acchan’s shoulder during her speech is heartbreaking. Takamina’s a tough cookie but how will she cope losing one of her closest friends in the group? She’s far too professional to let it affect her performances but deep down I’m sure she’s hurting like hell inside.

28 03 2012
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