Acchan Receives Overwhelming Support From Fans

27 03 2012

I think Acchan has been worried how fans might react after her graduation announcement on Sunday. Naturally a lot of fans are going to be upset at losing their oshi but the majority will want to wish her well in the future. Acchan’s blog has gone into overdrive since Sunday. Her latest blog entry has received 38,000 comments!! Usually the average is about 5,000.

Yesterday Acchan escaped from the glare of the Japanese media and headed over to Hong Kong with Harugon and Yuttan to attend the 40th anniversary of friendly relations between Japan and China. In front of 700 fans, the trio sang a couple of songs. There was a handshake event afterwards and Acchan received a lot of positive support from the fans.

Now I’m sure everybody wants to know what Acchan had to say in her blog entry. Naturally she talks about the moment she announced her graduation at SSA and explains her decision on why she wants to go.

To check out her blog entry in full which has been translated into English, click on the link below:



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28 03 2012
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