Tomochin Scandal?

29 03 2012

After a quite couple of days with Acchan’s graduation announcement, the latest AKB48 scandal rumour has surfaced. The infamous gossip magazine Shukan Bunshun has published an article stating that Tomomi Itano is apparently in a relationship with EXILE’s Takahiro. It doesn’t help that both of them live in the same apartment complex fuelling more fire onto the rumour. The scumbag magazine has also got statements from people who say they are serious about each other but as we know people will say anything for money so it could all be complete rubbish.

There are also witnesses who say they’ve been on a couple of dates to nearby restaurants and have been spotted wearing couple rings. They also seen to be coming home at the same time as well. I really don’t think Tomochin is stupid enough to be spotted out on a real date with a man. I suspect that both of them are friends more than anything and people have just put two and two together that they’re dating. Pure speculation is all it is. There is also a lack of photo evidence to suggest that anything but a platonic relationship is taking place. Give me the evidence that it’s completely different and I might change my mind but until that time I won’t believe this rumour at all.

There’s been a mixed response from the fans. Some think it’s BS, others think there might be a forced graduation on the cards if it proves to be true. The last thing AKB48 want is a double whammy of 2 of the biggest faces in the group graduating.

There was another unsubstantiated rumour 2 weeks ago that serial lothario Shun Oguri had tried his luck at asking Yuko for a date just before his wedding to Yu Yamada but again there was no proof and the rumour quickly died a death.



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