The Acchan Effect Begins

30 03 2012

On March 28th the expected media scrum took place at Haneda Airport as Acchan came back from her short trip to Hong Kong. Flanked by Harugon and Yuttan, the three looked quite surprised at the throng of media people that was in attendance. Surprised for them maybe but not for us fans. This is how it’s going to be now until she or Aki-P gives us a definite graduation date. Naturally the reporters were desperate for any kind of scoop from Acchan but she was keeping her cards close to her chest. They even asked who would be the next center in AKB48 but Acchan skilfully brushed the question aside by saying she hoped all members would do their best.

The news of Acchan’s graduation has propelled her solo single ‘Flower’ back into the Oricon Top 30 where it languished outside the Top 100 before Sunday. Suddenly it has shot right up the charts and the same goes for a couple of AKB48 singles where sales have been boosted by her news.



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30 03 2012
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