Jurina’s Absence From SKE48 Continues

3 04 2012

Jurina Matsui’s continued absence from work activities with SKE48 is starting to worry fans as no return date has been pencilled down for her yet. She missed two handshake events the other day. As I mentioned in a past post, Jurina has been feeling unwell for a while. She thought she was feeling OK recently but it looks like she overdid it again at the SSA concert. The announcement that she was also going to be working with Team K no doubt may have placed some more undue strain on her. I think the comments by SKE48’s Theater Manager that whenever Jurina hears loud voices or sounds she becomes ill is certainly a cause for concern. It has to be some kind of stress related illness.

I think that Aki-P should reconsider her temporary transfer to Team K and appoint somebody else. She is going to be pushed to the limits doing double duty and I’m worried that she’ll be ill once more and for a longer period of time if nothing is done. She’s overworked and totally exhausted the poor girl.

Please get well really soon Jurina.



One response

3 04 2012

I’ve got it — Jurina and Maeda.. are planning to elope..

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