NEWSFLASH: Acchan Pulls Out From AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election

4 04 2012

In a video posted on the official AKB48 channel, Acchan announces that she has pulled out from the AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election. In quite a sombre and emotional video, Acchan looks nervous and goes through what we already know about her graduation. She also starts crying and said she was sorry for causing so much trouble for the staff, fellow members and fans. She thanks everybody for the support she’s received so far and hopes they’ll continue to support her after she graduates.

I sort of had a feeling that once she had made her graduation announcement she wouldn’t be taking part in the senbatsu election as the result would have been an overwhelming victory for her. Does this mean then that AKB48’s next single will be Acchan’s last? Watching the video did make me feel sad. As an AKB48 fan I will miss her but I’ll still support her after she graduates.

Acchan’s withdrawal opens up a whole load of questions as to who will take the no.1 spot in the election. Many think that Yuko will be Acchan’s successor but I think it’s going to be a close election for the top spot which could spring us a surprise or two. It all depends on which member that Acchan’s fans will vote for. The majority might not go and vote for just one specific member, the votes could be evenly spread out amongst many members. They could go for anyone: Mariko, Mayuyu or Yukirin. I really do think that this year’s election will be far more interesting than previous years.

Take a look at the 7 minute video below:

EDIT: If you want to watch the video with English subtitles, go over to this link:



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