Mayuyu To Miss A Portion Of AKB48’s Nationwide Tour

11 04 2012

Mayu Watanabe has been hit by a bout of acute gastroenteritis and an inflammation around the pharynx therefore she’s been ordered by doctors not to take part in AKB48’s nationwide tour which kicked off recently. Team B is due to have concerts in Hiroshima today and at Kobe tomorrow but Mayuyu will be absent from both. It’s hoped she’ll take part in Team B’s future concerts on the tour.

Mayuyu isn’t the only member suffering lately. Tomochin was absent from last weekend’s handshake events at Tokyo Big Sight due to swollen tonsils and a possible mouth ulcer. She’s also had a fever which resulted in her having to have an injection but that didn’t help things at all. However after 3 days of rest at home the fever came down but she’s still not feeling too good. She apologised to fans on her official blog. Sayaka also fell ill during the handshake events and missed some sessions.

I hope all 3 get well pretty soon.



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11 04 2012
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12 04 2012
tokai / binaryriot

Can’t they just say they are ill (have “poor health”)? It’s always a bit strange to publish the full diagnosis to the public, or is that just me?

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