Could Yuko Leave AKB48 Next Year?

18 04 2012

It what may be a small hint of things to come, Yuko might be following Acchan and graduating from AKB48 next year in an article that was printed recently in the Nikkan Sports. She had already thought about not taking part in this year’s senbatsu election. Acchan’s graduation has weighed heavily on Yuko’s mind as both have battled each other for the center position in each of the last 3 elections. Now that Acchan is leaving and not appearing in this election, Yuko asked the question of whether it was necessary for her to take part or not now that her main rival is going and sent an email to Aki-P. He told Yuko that if she was to leave AKB48, the group would collapse and I would agree with him on this. He promised that Yuko will not carry the burden of  the group after Acchan leaves. To lose Acchan is one thing but to lose Yuko as well would have a catastrophic effect on AKB48 IMO. But there’s nothing to fear yet as Yuko pledged to carry on with her AKB48 career. This statement apparently made Aki-P cry. The question still remains though – how long will it be until Yuko graduates? She did say that this could possibly be her last senbatsu election in the article. With her acting career now on the up and Yuko is definitely in demand at the moment, there is no doubt that come next year she will have to make a decision. Does she carry on as she is now with a heavy workload of being an idol and an actress at the same time or just devoting everything to being an actress only. I would be devastated if Yuko were to leave AKB48. Only time will tell what will happen?



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18 04 2012
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12 07 2013
Tahta Oshima Yuko


2 11 2013

No no don’t go Yuko !!!

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