Sasshi Strikes Back!

3 05 2012

There’s still a long way to go for Sasshi to overtake Nogizaka46 and top the Oricon Charts come next week but her fans are giving a good account of themselves in not letting the idol group have it all their own way. In the 2nd day of sales, Sasshi managed to beat Nogizaka46 (Sasshi – 29,528 to N46 – 21,552). That’s nearly an 8k clawback over the big lead they had yesterday so it seems it’s game on in this battle.

Did anybody manage to catch the live AKBingo (Sashi Bingo) episode last night? What a riot it was and not even showing the sales figures for the first day put a dampener on Sasshi’s enthusiastic energy. It was probably one of the funniest AKBingo episodes for a while from Yuko being woken by Sasshi on the phone and realising when she turned the TV on that the episode was live to the messages by the idol groups taking part in Sasshi’s festival to Sata slipping and falling more than once on the studio floor during Sasshi’s punishment! Definitely an episode to check out.



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3 05 2012
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11 05 2012

Hello, I check everyday 🙂

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