NMB48’s Titanic Task

14 05 2012

Last week saw the mighty Arashi have their first chart battle with an 00048 group and it was Kansai’s NMB48 that was given the task of trying to derail Arashi from having another no.1 hit with their 4th single Nagiichi. First day sales went well for NMB48 although they had to contend with being no.2 but they sold 231k, a drop of 50k from their previous single Junjou U-19. Arashi sold 250k during the same day. The problem that NMB48 had to contend with as well is idol single sales tend to have a considerable drop after the first day and that was what happened to NMB48. Arashi’s sales are usually steady for the whole week. By the 2nd and 3rd day, Arashi had gotten themselves a healthy and sizeable lead over the young idols but yesterday saw an unprecedented huge hike in sales which saw NMB48 sell 91k. Theater versions of their single had finally gone out to customers so this is why there was such a boost to their sales. Unfortunately it won’t be enough for NMB48 to overtake Arashi’s sales for the week but they’ve accounted themselves very well against them and have even beaten Junjou U-19’s sales for the 1st week. Had AKB48 or SKE48 gone head to head against Arashi I think we would be seeing a different picture.



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