Takamina’s Hair Raising Experience!

14 05 2012

Although this goes back nearly 2 weeks now, it wasn’t until last week that Takamina revealed during one of the revival concert at the TDC Hall that she had an accident the previous week which had made her hair catch fire. It was lucky that she spotted her hair burning quickly or this incident could have been serious.

The drama started apparently on May 4th during the afternoon and Takamina had gone shopping to a clothes shop in Saragakucho, Shibuya on her way to work. This shop was decorated with some aromatic candles and Takamina was carrying a paper bag as she had purchased something from another shop. The paper bag somehow must have been too close to a candle as the next thing she knew her paper bag was on fire which quickly spread and it must have caught her hair as well. The fire was spotted immediately by staff and it was out quickly.

Takamina knew that something was amiss as she smelt something burning but she didn’t realise that it was her that was on fire! Due to her hair being burnt she had to have a haircut straight away as she had a performance in a couple of hours. She showed off her new shorter haircut later on that day but it wasn’t until last week that fans put two and two together and realised why Takamina cut her hair. The shop took down all of the aromatic candles after the incident. It’s not good publicity for them if a national idol burns her hair in their shop!

Thank God no permanent damage was done to Takamina.



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14 05 2012
14 05 2012
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