AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert Dates/Manatsu no Sounds Good 2nd Day Sales

24 05 2012

The dates for AKB48’s Tokyo Dome concerts has been revealed today – first by TGSK and then by Takamina on the official AKB48 Youtube channel. The dates are August 24th – 26th which means that Acchan will graduate the next day on August 27th at the AKB48 Theater. She wants to end her career with the group where it all began so those 250 people that manage to get tickets to Acchan’s final performance at the theater will be very lucky people indeed.

This is what appeared on Youtube today:

The 2nd day of sales for Manatsu no Sounds Good was naturally down on the record breaking figures sold yesterday and the final figure was 159,623 to bump the grand total up to 1,330,177. I think something around the 1.5m – 1.6m looks like a realistic total for 1st week sales.

Something that’s been annoying me about this election is the unnecessary bashing of certain AKB members on various forums which is completely uncalled for. I never knew that Sasshi had so many haters and to say that she doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 10 of the senbatsu for the next single has angered me. I think Sasshi more than deserves to be in the senbatsu considering the hard work and effort she’s put in over the last 12 months. Let’s have less of the hate and more love to all AKB members please!



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24 05 2012
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25 05 2012

What the heck! Sasshi can’t have haters, she is too funny.
The 4th position is really (too) high for her, but top 10 for sure.

25 05 2012


25 05 2012

Just makes me root for Sasshi more…

26 05 2012

Just got Sasshi’s single CD. All 3 songs are fantastic! I’m liking it about as much as Manatsu NSG — Go Sasshi!!!

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