AKB48 Gunning For Speed’s Record

1 06 2012

The inevitable happened a couple of days ago – AKB48 with Manatsu no Sounds Good finally overtook Morning Musume’s Love Machine record of being the best selling idol single of all time. Although the group have threatened to break this record several times, they seemed to come up a little bit short each time but not this time round. 1.61m copies of Manatsu was sold during the first week which in itself set a new record. Speed’s White Love currently holds the best selling single by a girl group with 1.845m copies sold and AKB48 could very well break that record by next week.

There’s the argument that Morning Musume didn’t have any gimmicks with Love Machine and AKB48’s sales have been vastly boosted by the voting ticket for the senbatsu election. That’s a valid argument I suppose but the fact that we’re in a recession and CD sales are in decline this is still a huge accomplishment for AKB48. Even sales for Not yet and WH7’s new singles has been affected with many fans abandoning buying their singles to seek more election votes. Both singles are considerably down on sales compared to what they usually shift. WH7 seems to have suffered the most.



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1 06 2012

7th million seller in a row. Only two have senbatsu tickets. Maybe people actually like their misic? Funny how stories barely mention the quality of the music and just focus on the stunts. MSG is just simply another great song. They have such a track record of great music and performances that I just reflexively buy whatever they put out knowing it will be good.

The AKB freight train just keeps rolling…

1 06 2012

Why isn’t Speed considered an idol group?

2 06 2012

Although many people seem to think that Speed was an idol group, I don’t think Speed was ever promoted as one by AVEX when they debuted back in 1996. They were always tagged as a vocal and dance unit.

2 06 2012

lol, UFA/HP fans are just jealous that they never thought of that gimmick first lol.

3 06 2012

Live streaming confirmed, with lots of features!

We wait for your comments 😉

3 06 2012

Thanks for that gorat. I’m taking the day off work on Wednesday to watch the election live.

6 06 2012

All I can say is that there are a lot of horny freaky men in Japan. Then again, good music comes down to longevitiy. White Love will stand the test of time whereas AKB48’s trashy singles will largely be forgettable when their time passes.

6 06 2012

AKB48 singles – trashy! Ha ha I find your remark quite amusing. Each to their own I suppose so I’m not going to argue with you about your dislike for AKB48 and their fans. Their singles will stand the test of time that you can be sure.

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