Some Thoughts About The Election

6 06 2012

Wow, what an emotionally draining event that was but I enjoyed every single second of it. First of all many congratulations to Yuko on her victory – was the result of her winning in any doubt? Nah, she won quite comfortably in the end. It was so nice of Acchan to appear and give some flowers to her. To hear her say that she was happy seeing Yuko winning the election was so touching. I nearly cried watching that!!!

A big big congratulations to my beautiful oshi Umechan. I’m incredibly proud of you for getting into the senbatsu for the next single. A climb of 6 places for her. I was so happy for you that I started to cry!!!

My jaw dropped when I heard Yukirin was staying at no.3 like last year – I think the crowd at the Budokan gasped as well. I never thought that Mayuyu would beat Yukirin so well done to her. Who knows what will happen next year – can she become no.1?

I’m sorry for swearing but f**k you to all the Sasshi haters out there. She’s Top 4 and deserves it so get over it because she’s there to stay. Very happy with Sasshi’s placing.

Another shocker for me was Jurina beating Rena. I’ve always thought that Rena was more popular than Jurina but fair play to her fans. They pulled through for her.

Very surprised to see Akicha placed so low and you could see how disappointed she was. For the remainder of the election she looked so sad and downhearted. Anybody know why she’s gone down this year? I did feel sorry for her. The center of the Undergirls is something to be proud of I suppose.

Tomochin seemed happier this year compared to last year’s election. I don’t think she expected to climb that much so she was comfortable with what she achieved. Other disappointments for me was not seeing Miichan in the Top 10 and Takamina not in the Top 5. When will fans realise that Takamina is the heart and soul of the group and she deserves to be in the Top 5.

I did think that we were going to get a repeat of last year when Yui started to hyperventilate and it was nice of her colleagues to cheer her on as she struggled with her speech.

For those members in the lower rankings – very very shocked at Lovetan’s big drop in popularity but thankfully she took the result with dignity and didn’t throw a hissy fit. Fresh Lemon was funny as always and it was great to see Kana Kobayashi, Chisato Nakata and Sayaka Nakaya appear for the first time. They looked extremely happy to have been acknowledged at last by the fans. Good to see Wasamin so high in the election as well. I look forward to seeing her as the center of Next Girls.

What happened with Haruu? Isn’t she a popular member with Team 4 or are Japanese fans not too keen on her loud personality? Considering that the fans thought she’d make a better captain than Minarun I was stunned by her omission from the Top 64.

Very nice speech by Mariko basically with a challenge for the younger members to step it up if they want to overtake their sempais.

Let’s hear how you felt about the election. Were you happy with how things turned out or are you disappointed?



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6 06 2012
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7 06 2012

Congrats to Mayuyu, Yukirin and Sasshi! Yuko came in first as expected. I was hoping Paruru would place higher. Akicha dropped down probably due to decline in her looks. Jumbo Haruu needs to lose some weight…and so do I.

7 06 2012

I was shocked and sad as well when it was announced that Yukirin got 3rd place. I was hoping she would get 2nd place or even the 1st place maybe! Not to mention Akicha. I like her as well 😦 It must be tough for her to be dropped to Undergirls again. But nevertheless, congratulations to Mayuyu. Her speech was bold and brave, I might say.

The most emotional part was when Acchan came to the stage and congratulated Yuko. I could’t hold back my tears. It was beautiful, their friendship and etc. It reminds me of why I really love AKB48.

All in all, it was a nice event yesterday, I’m glad I got the oppurtunity to watch it 🙂

7 06 2012

I’ve read somewhere that Akicha has admitted that the last 12 months haven’t been the best for her but with yesterday’s result she can take stock and start fresh again. I’m sure that in next year’s election Akicha will bounce back into the senbatsu lineup.

14 06 2012

Yeah, same thought here. I was expecting my kami oshi Takamina to be in in top5 or top3 or even the center! But for the love of God, she is number 6. Well, i’m so disappointed but happy too. She was able to rank higher than before.
I like sasshi but i just can’t accept that she ranked higher than Takamina. I mean Takamina is the leader here, and she never ranked in top3. Eventhough i’m so happy for yukirin and mayu. But i thought Takamina deserve better! (I’m a hardcore Takaminator). But people keep telling me this: she’s the leader after all, and she’s always beside the center too in every single. Yeah i know she always get the screen time. But i still want her to conquer AKB48 with the number 1 center position!
And my other thoughts, i don’t think Yuko is better than Takamina. (Sorry for Yuko’s fans) Takamina sings better.

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