Lineup For The 27th Single In Photos

7 06 2012

Below is 4 photos of the lineups for the next AKB48 single. Jurina is missing from the senbatsu lineup as she had to leave the event as there’s a cut-off working time for members under a certain age. They can only work until something like 10pm under Japan’s child labour laws.



Akicha still can’t bring herself to smile in the photo.



And finally I couldn’t resist but post this up as well……..



4 responses

7 06 2012

Congratulations to your Oshimen! And to Wasamin for getting center for NextGirls.

I’m also glad for Sashi!

Will Mayu Take center Senbatsu next year? I guess her Taiwanese fanbase is starting to rally. ^_^

7 06 2012

I’m really pleased for Wasamin. She’s had an incredible 12 months with the solo single and now center for Next Girls. Hard work does pay off.

7 06 2012

Maeda Ami and Fujie Reina — as always a smile on their faces. Love those two

7 06 2012
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