Sasshi Transferred To HKT48 With Immediate Effect

15 06 2012

It’s been quite a dramatic week for Sasshi which ended tonight with an immediate transfer to HKT48. What a turnaround from last week in which she celebrated being no.4 in the senbatsu election. Now it’s come to this – being exiled from AKB48 for being part of a scandal.

Let’s go back to the beginning and how this sad turn of events began. The scum tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun ran a story by an alleged ex-boyfriend of Sasshi from the past who said they were intimate and that she had sent emails and nude pictures of herself to him. The magazine was even given Sasshi’s mobile number by this guy which they tried and Sasshi answered. An investigation was launched by AKS and tonight Aki-P addressed the situation on a radio show with other members of AKB48 about what he was going to do. Sasshi has denied certain things in the story but she also said that she did know the guy and he was her friend and nothing else.

For breaking the cardinal rule of having relations however innocent with a member of the opposite sex whilst being a part of AKB48, Sasshi has been transferred to HKT48 immediately and exiled for good from AKB48. Whilst many fans will be livid about this (myself included) it is far better for this to happen than to be suspended or even fired but then again will there be further revelations that could see Sasshi being fired for good? Other fans think that HKT48 is being punished and that their fans might dislike the presence of such a high profile member in their ranks. I actually think that HKT48 will become popular because of Sasshi. Aki-P thinks that Sasshi will be a good mentor to the HKT48 kids on what not to do and even Mariko chipped in saying that this is a good move for Sasshi.

I’m not angry with Sasshi for breaking the rules even though she has been careless, I’m more angry with the ex-boyfriend who would stoop so low as to spill the beans on her.  The magazine have really timed this story so well just after the election.  Sasshi has worked so hard to get where she’s at and now she’s starting at the bottom once more. Will this affect her placing in Not yet or is it only AKB48 that she’s been taken out?

This is Sasshi’s tearful apology announcement:



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15 06 2012

I wait for further details with great curiosity, giggling insanely at fans’ reactions. Nothing to worry yet, she is still in game.

15 06 2012
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16 06 2012

Yikes! I hope she will still be a part of the next AKB single as a senbatsu member since she was elected to be so.

16 06 2012

I don’t like that there will be 2 spots open for Team A. I know Sasshi is partly at fault here, but can’t she just run the marathon just like Sayaka.

I don’t know what going to happen with her spot. I know fan choose her to be the #4, but this was before the ‘scandal’. Maybe there now thinking “If i knew this. I would voted for Mayu”

Now Sasshi is in HKT48 I hope she will take the ‘leader’ roll. Not saying she has to be the captain, but lead the group to be the next #1 Idol group.

Well I hope Sasshi can managed the traveling. Going back and forth for her Tokyo job and Not Yet (if she is still in, but i have the feeling she is).

Any way Good Luck Sasshi

16 06 2012

I was listening to the radio where Aki is addressing Sasshi, and he said that she would actually move to the location of HKT48 to do daily activities with them…

16 06 2012

^ i think it’s different for Sasshi vs. Sayaka.

They got proof of way more worse than Sayaka as Sayaka said he was just an older gentle rehearsing and just let him fall asleep versus nude photos sent, ex boyfriend, mobile number etc. and she said certain aspects were true vs Sayaka where she denied it (i think) lol.

I’m shocked that they never suspend her but someone pointed out on the forums that what it is Sasshi is tied into a lot of upcoming events (her concert with other idols for example) and to cancel it now, would mean other companys would have a huge loss at stake. Now that what I could take why she wasn’t “fired”

16 06 2012

It’s interesting to speculate as to who will take the 2 spots in Team A. Possibly a promotion for one of the KKS (Karen Iwata?) or a trasnfer like Jurina/Milky for Rena Matsui?

17 06 2012

Someone even suggested Kaori as promotion+transfer. Two JKT girls also speak Japanese well…

17 06 2012

I’m worried about Not Yet now, they going very well..

17 06 2012

Right now there’s nothing to fear about Not Yet. Aki-P hasn’t said that Sasshi will have to leave the unit so I’m taking that her position is safe…………. for the time being at least.

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