Sasshi Conspiracy?

17 06 2012

Trawling through various forums and news websites, I came across an interesting conspiracy regarding Sasshi’s transfer to HKT48. The Japanese AKB48 fans on 2ch reckon that her transfer has been planned months ago and it isn’t a punishment. They point out that there is a secret code which has been planted in the AKB48 diary as under the date 11th June is a little note in kanji saying SR decision. You can see it for yourself if you have the diary (it’s in the first couple of pages).  Could this mean Sashihara Rino decision? So maybe this transfer has been planned all along. Maybe Sasshi’s scandal around this date was a blessing for Aki-P as an unexpected announcement to the fans that a popular member was being transferred would have made the fans go ape shit. To have her leave as ‘punishment’ will make the fans understand his decision. What do you guys make of this?

Sasshi’s final performance as a member of Team A was supposed to be scheduled for June 20th but with Natsumi Mitsubara’s birthday show on the same date, they have now delayed Sasshi’s last show until sometime in July.



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17 06 2012

…and this opens in August!

17 06 2012

Sasshi with HKT could be like Yuko Nakazawa with the original Morning Musume. She could play the older sister/leader to the younger members. Look out for HKT with Sasshi!

17 06 2012

Sasshi like Yuko Nakazawa – I don’t think so as Yuko was quite a fearsome leader that many of her kohai were scared of! Can you see Sasshi turning all tough to berate some of the HKT48 members? But I understand where you’re coming from. There’s no doubt that HKT48 will be boosted by Sasshi’s arrival and they will learn a lot from her. I just want them to release a single. Come on Aki-P, you know it makes sense.

18 06 2012

They weren’t scared of her moreso as respecting her and her wisdom and her guidance.
Alot of her kouhai absolutely adored her. For example, Aibon, Nono, Yossie and Rika all were in bits at her graduation because they loved her so much. She was like a mother to them that was strict, but still playful and a very important senpai to them.
Maki Goto also was in bits during her graduation and Nacchi – a fellow first generation member, couldn’t stop crying during her graduation special.
This is just showing how her fellow musume were never scared of her, but respected her for taking control of a new group and having so much responsibility on her solely alone.
Today, the 9th and 10th generation members look at Yuko Nakazawa still with respect. They know that she can be strict, but I would never say anyone in Morning Musume was actually afraid of her.

This is what JIMITTY was saying about Sasshi – she could encompass Yuko Nakazawa’s character toward her new group in order to grow and make them go forward, just like Yuko did during the beginning of Morning Musume. Bringing something and making it into something amazing.

18 06 2012

This comment section has gone of a tangent. Now that I’ve said that, let me add to it. I agree that the members respected Yuko, but if you watch some of those post-graduation specials it wasn’t so lovey dovey. The original members were auditioning to be soloists; they’ve said they saw each other as rivals.

18 06 2012

If Sasshi is going to assume a mentor/leader role in HKT48, she should look no further than Takamina on how to be a good leader. Maybe Sasshi has already asked her for some tips.

18 06 2012

Oh yeah, Yaguchi hated Nakazawa when she first joined. Asayan/TV specials shown that she would always yell haha. Even Takahashi said she was terrified of Nakazawa (and Nakazawa questioned why since they never were in the group the same time lol). I agree that they were never lovey dovey because they countless said that they were each other rivals and often fought for screen time/line distribution.

Having said that they have no problem with Nakazawa now because they all knew that it wasn’t scolding or being mean but just trying to teach them or trying to even protect the groups image.

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