The Pressure Is Getting To Sasshi

20 06 2012

Ever since Sasshi’s scandal broke out, she has been in poor health due to the stress and strain of the situation. In tonight’s A6 show she hyperventilated and withdrew after the 11th song before coming back to do an MC. I thought that with everything now sorted with her transfer to Fukuoka and with the fans having forgiven her for the scandal she would be back to her old self again but it doesn’t seem that way. The pressure is really starting to get to her now. Does this mean she’s worried that more damaging revelations could come out of the woodwork? Who knows but I’m really worried about her. I’m sure her friends in AKB48 are keeping a close eye on her right now and what she needs more than anything is their support. The fans really made sure to tell her how much she is loved in last weekend’s handshake event as Sasshi was worried beforehand what kind of reaction she would get but everybody apparently was extremely nice and supportive. I’m sure that would have cheered her up. As for the ex-boyfriend, one thing’s for sure. If the fans on 2ch find out who he is and where he lives he’d better pack his bags and head for the hills as there’s going to be hell to pay if they catch up with him.

Please get better Sasshi.

The video below is from a TV show today that talks about Sasshi.



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20 06 2012
Love Sasshi

What us 2ch?

20 06 2012

2ch is a Japanese bulletin board where people can anonymously post about anything they like.

20 06 2012

Sasshi, don’t give up!

1 07 2012

She’s not going to have a choice in the matter. I’ve been saying on a couple other places on this subject that she’ll get a year or less to lead HKT48, but now I’m not even so sure of that.

She’s done. And someone has successfully destroyed her idol career, probably to either “purify” the Kami Seven or to clear the decks for someone else to become the #1.

20 06 2012
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21 06 2012
Love Sasshi

AKB fans, we need to give Sasshi our full support and know that we do not care about her private business. And for those who want to judge her – just go away.

21 06 2012

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I wonder if the Japanese fans plan on creating an online message book which can be presented to Sasshi before her final AKB48 performance next month. It would be nice for us to write her a good luck message and she could take the book with her to Fukuoka and hopefully it’ll remind her how much the fans love her.

22 06 2012

Bunshun published color photos on their website and it now looks like shit is going to hit the fan again, as fans themselves found some proofs on photos being possibly real… I’m not thrilled YET, but some suggest it may put a shade on management too (hiding the truth etc.).

22 06 2012

Thanks for the info gorat. So there may still be a risk of Sasshi being fired. That’s the last thing I want to hear.

19 07 2012

If the fans on 2ch find out who he is and where he lives he’d better pack his bags and head for the hills as there’s going to be hell to pay if they catch up with him.

nah, doubt those losers ‘re brave enough to face him

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