3rd Janken Senbatsu Tournament/New Album Announced

24 06 2012

During today’s handshake event for Manatsu no Sounds Good at Saitama Super Arena, AKB48 confirmed that the Janken Senbatsu Tournament which has run for the past 2 years will be back once more with the date confirmed as September 18th. The venue will be the Nippon Budokan as before. 66 members of AKB48 along with Jurina and Milky (as they are transfers into Team K and B respectively) will start the tournament. There will also be spots for 1 KKS, 8 girls from SKE48, 6 from NMB48 and 3 from HKT48. Those groups will have their own preliminary tournament to determine who advances to the janken tournament proper. There is no exception for Sasshi this time either. Now that she’s been transferred to HKT48 she will have to battle for one of the 3 spots available to HKT48 members.

It was also announced that AKB48 will be releasing their 4th album on August 15th and rumours from fans are saying that the album will have 30 songs. It will come in a 2 CD and DVD set apparently as well.

Another important piece of news is that Team 8  could be formed very soon after 6 KKS members have been promoted to the official ranks of AKB48. Many congratulations to 10th generation members Nana Fujita, Marina Kobayashi and Rina Izuta along with 11th generation members Ayaka Morikawa, Wakana Natori and Natsuki Kojima.



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24 06 2012
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11 07 2012

Hello, what about Janken preliminaries and bracker?


12 07 2012

I’ll try and update this site over the weekend.

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