Takamina Announces Her Graduation

8 12 2014


Hello everybody. I’m back again with my occassional posts to this blog.

I think today’s announcement by Takamina that she intends to graduate from AKB48 next year is the end of an era in many ways in the group’s history and one that I’m really sad about. Takamina is only one of three that’s left from the 1st generation (Kojima and Miichan the others). She might not be the most popular member amongst the fans but she sure as hell is the hardest working out of all of them. If there’s one person that I’ve admired over the years of being an AKB48 fan for her sheer hard work it’s Takamina. As fans we only get to see one side of Takamina – the crybaby/goofy character she portrays but away from the cameras and the public eye I’ve got the feeling that she’s a determined woman who genuinely cares about the group and her fellow colleagues. She rallies the girls before a performance, scolds them if necessary but also is quick to praise if they’ve given it their all. It’s obvious that’s why Aki P gave her the job as General Manager even though she’d been doing it unofficially for years. I’ve been thinking for years what if a young teenage Japanese girl asked me to pick a female role model from their own country they should aspire to be and you know what, it’s probably Takamina I would choose. It’s not the performing side as an idol that I’m talking about here but what she does backstage. I’m sure I’ve read or heard somewhere that she’s the first to come to work everyday and the last to leave. A bright and intelligent woman that’s embraced the role that’s been thrust upon her. She’s given blood, sweat, tears and more besides in fulfilling her job as General Manager. As she said in her graduation statement, the job as General Manager isn’t easy, it’s a tough role for a young woman but she’s risen to the challenge and made it her own. I just couldn’t have seen anybody else in that role but her.

So the baton of her job will be gradually handed over the next 12 months to a worthy successor in Yui Yokoyama. It’s a wise choice as I can see many of Takamina’s qualities in her. It’s true they could have chosen the old stagers in Kojima or Miichan as the next General Manager but I think both might also be graduating in 2015. I’m sure Yuihan will do a fine job and make Takamina proud. Even though I know AKB48 hasn’t been the same since Acchan, Tomochin and Yuko have gone, it will be strange not to see Takamina’s face amongst the members performing from 2016. I’m sure we will eventually find out what she intends to do after she graduates. I wish her the very best in whatever she does.

Takamina’s Hair Raising Experience!

14 05 2012

Although this goes back nearly 2 weeks now, it wasn’t until last week that Takamina revealed during one of the revival concert at the TDC Hall that she had an accident the previous week which had made her hair catch fire. It was lucky that she spotted her hair burning quickly or this incident could have been serious.

The drama started apparently on May 4th during the afternoon and Takamina had gone shopping to a clothes shop in Saragakucho, Shibuya on her way to work. This shop was decorated with some aromatic candles and Takamina was carrying a paper bag as she had purchased something from another shop. The paper bag somehow must have been too close to a candle as the next thing she knew her paper bag was on fire which quickly spread and it must have caught her hair as well. The fire was spotted immediately by staff and it was out quickly.

Takamina knew that something was amiss as she smelt something burning but she didn’t realise that it was her that was on fire! Due to her hair being burnt she had to have a haircut straight away as she had a performance in a couple of hours. She showed off her new shorter haircut later on that day but it wasn’t until last week that fans put two and two together and realised why Takamina cut her hair. The shop took down all of the aromatic candles after the incident. It’s not good publicity for them if a national idol burns her hair in their shop!

Thank God no permanent damage was done to Takamina.

Takamina Responds On Her Current Situation

17 02 2012

Yesterday saw Takamina expressing her thoughts on the current situation in her life including the recent troubles with her mother on No Sleeves’ blog.

I’ll just give a summary of what she said: Takamina expressed that she was sorry for all the worry and trouble she has caused recently. For that she is truly sorry but she is grateful for all the warm comments she received from the fans. For the past week she has thought long and hard about what to do including leaving AKB48! The support from everybody which includes the staff, AKB48 members and fans has persuaded her that she wants to continue to be in AKB48 even though there may be people out there who thinks she shouldn’t be allowed to be in the group anymore. One day she said she wants to stand on her own two feet and make her dreams come true. That will be her way of thanking the fans. She would appreciate if you continue to watch over her warmly.

I feel so sorry for Takamina – having to apologise for something that isn’t her fault at all. It’s her mother that should be apologising not Takamina. It’s a disgrace that some people think she should quit AKB48. Takamina is quite a strong person and doesn’t seem like a quitter so I’m so happy that she’s staying. I couldn’t bear to think of AKB48 without her and watching the latest AKBingo made me realise just how much she is loved and respected by all the members. Takamina will always get my love and support. Ganbare!

Takamina’s Mother Arrested For Having Sex With A Minor

8 02 2012

Nearly 2 weeks has gone by and the latest scandal involving an AKB48 member has reared it’s ugly head. Be aware that this scandal does not directly involve Takamina – she’s not in the wrong at all. AKB48’s leader Takamina has been left deeply embarrased after her mother was arrested for an indecent act with a 15 year old boy! When reports first came out, it was only said that the mother of a 20 year old AKB48 member had been arrested but the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun went even further and printed that it was Takamina’s mother.

It is said that a senior classmate of Takamina’s 15 year old brother made advances towards her mother and thus begun their illicit relationship. The boy in question was involved with 2 others in beating up a classmate. When they themselves were arrested, it was then he blurted out he was having a relationship with an older woman to the cops. He had also been boasting around to his friends that he was having sex with Takamina’s mother. She has admitted to committing a sexual act on the boy last November at her home of all places in Hachioji, Tokyo but she said that she was forced to do it. There was a possible threat made against her son that unless she had sex with him he was going to be beaten up. It is also alleged that both of them went to love hotels! She doesn’t face jail but more likely a fine of 500,000 yen.

Fans are beginning to worry that Takamina could quit AKB48 because of this shameful slur on her family’s name but I doubt that very much. She’ll get a rough ride from the media over the coming weeks that’s for sure – they’ll want to know every little sordid detail about this but Takamina has to stay strong and with support from her friends in AKB48 she’ll get through it. There is no way that any member in AKB48 would allow her to quit. However, on saying that Takamina could very well leave AKB48 for a while until this blows over. It’s unfortunate with GIVE ME FIVE being released next week and there’s going to a lot of heavy promotion to do. It’ll look odd if they do the round of music shows without the lead guitarist in Baby Blossom.

AKB48 fans have bombarded Takamina’s G+ pages with over 10,000 messages of support which is nice to hear.

EDIT: For those that want to know what Takamina’s mother looks like, here’s a piccy of when she appeared on the TV programme Mujack.

If there’s any more developments on this, I’ll update this post.

AKB48 Top 10 Members (December 2011)

6 12 2011

I know it wasn’t that long ago (July 2011) that I did my last top 10 AKB48 members list but things have changed a lot since then which you’ll see below.

10. Yui Yokoyama

I can hear you all saying ‘it wasn’t that long ago you were criticising her’ and you’ll be right on that count but Yui has really grown on me in the past 6 months and she is so funny on Bimyo.

9. Nito Moeno

8. Minami Takahashi

Out of the Top 5 goes Takamina. I still love Takamina to bits but there are more interesting members that rank above her.

7. Rie Kitahara

6. Haruka Nakagawa

5. Yuko Oshima

This is one of the biggest changes on my list – the former no.1 taking a big tumble down to no.5. Something I thought would never happen but I’ve become sort of bored with Yuko lately. She just doesn’t excite me as she used to do before,

4. Mayu Watanabe

Into the Top 5 goes Mayuyu – up 2 places. The more I see and watch Mayu perform the more fantastic I think she is.

3. Yuki Kashiwagi

Yukirin stays in her position at no.3 though it did cross my mind at times to move her up to no.2.

2. Rino Sashihara

Sasshi also stays in her current position. Sasshi completes the cleap sweep of Not yet members in my Top 10!

And at no.1 is……………

1. Ayaka Umeda

In July, Umechan was at no.8 so this is a huge jump from her into the no.1 position. So how has Umechan managed to steer herself into being at the top. I can’t recall any specific moment of seeing her when I thought ‘OMG she’s now my no.1 favorite member’. She’s just completely gained my full attention especially over the Summer. I’ve just been seeing her in many things on Youtube and I just started to really like her a lot. I love her quirky, some say a little eccentric personality and she is just so damn beautiful. Her singing voice is great, she looks like a lot of fun to hang out with and I’m just happy that she’s getting more attention now. I’m kinda peeved that she’s no longer the Tokyo Tower image girl otherwise I would have gone to see her doing her DJ stint on a Friday night there.

So there you have it. The new Top 10 list. Will it be the same when the next one comes out in May/June?

Takamina Meets JKT48 Members

6 10 2011

You might have probably read about this piece of news on other websites but Takamina recently visited 2 countries on a whistlestop trip. On October 3rd she arrived in Singapore which has a significant AKB48 fanbase and then the following day she jetted over to Jakarta, Indonesia where she appeared on a TV show and also saw how future JKT48 members are shaping up. She was suitably impressed by what she saw and hopes one day that AKB48 and JKT48 can perform together on stage.

Takamina also held a handshake event for 1,000 fans in a shopping mall which went down very well. Future trips by AKB48 members to Indonesia is a certainty.

Takamina Appears in an American Singer’s PV

5 08 2011

Takamina has made an appearance in the PV for American born pop singer JAMIL’s new single “The Rock City Boy”. JAMIL is a big fan of AKB48 and he wanted Takamina to star in the PV for the song. This is the 1st time for Takamina to appear in any PV other than her own.

The plot of the PV has JAMIL coming over to Japan where Takamina keeps popping up as a cabin attendant, a shrine maiden and a schoolgirl. Naturally JAMIL is bowled over by her beauty.

Check out the PV below