Reina Fujie Promotes Her First PB

7 08 2011

Another busy AKB48 member yesterday was Reina Fujie who held a commemoration handshake event to promote her first ever PB “Reina Fujie Reina’s First Photobook”. Showing no ill effects from the unfortunate accident when Miichan’s microphone smacked her in the eye, Reina commented that her eye has already healed, quicker than what her doctor had predicted.

Reina went to the Northern Mariana island of Saipan to shoot her PB. It was her first time to visit the island. Commenting to the press she said she’d always wanted to become an idol and have her own PB and now her dream had come true. She did find it rather difficult to make eye contact with the photographer who snapped her in a swimsuit as she was rather nervous. It seems to me she’s not entirely comfortable with people taking photos of her in a swimsuit. Reina’s next goal is to become a teen magazine model. Good luck with sales of your PB Reina. I hope it does well for you.

Reina Fujie Injured During Performance

28 07 2011

Reina Fujie was involved in an unfortunate accident with Miichan during a stage performance on Tuesday. During the first song, Reina ran face first into Miichan’s microphone whilst trying to adjust her position after dancing in the wrong place.  The mic came in contact with Reina’s eye and she had to withdraw from the rest of the performance. Fortunately for her, it’s not that bad of an injury. The inside of her eyelid was cut but after an examination there was no need for her to receive stitches and the eye itself wasn’t damaged during the incident. Her eyelid has swollen and will apparently take a month to heal but judging from a picture taken by Reina herself you can hardly notice the injury.

No lasting damage has been done by this accident and Miichan must be relieved that Reina is fine.

Reina Fujie Appears In Kamen Rider W

20 08 2010

For those of you watching Kamen Rider W as it features the two Tomomi’s may be interested to know that an additional AKB48 member has made an appearance on the show. Reina Fujie was cast as a ‘dopant’ (one of the villains). I don’t think this was a semi-regular role, just a one -off appearance. Kamen Rider W hasn’t really appealed to me as much as some of the previous series so I haven’t bothered to watch it after the first 2 episodes. Even with the bonus of having Itano and Kasai as semi-regulars I haven’t had the urge to have another look at the series.