SWEET BLACK feat Maki Goto – Fly Away (Complete PV)

20 01 2009

Last week I posted a preview of Gocchin’s new song and finally the full PV to accompany the song has now been posted. The more I listen to the song the more I think it’s similar to something that Koda Kumi would record which is never a bad thing.

EDIT: AVEX seems to have deleted all PV’s of Maki’s last 2 singles uploaded by other users except for their own so I’m afraid I can only give you a link to Youtube as embedding has been disabled. Sorry.

Maki Goto Returns With New Single

14 01 2009

Gocchin’s fans have waited and waited for any news on when she’ll release any new material but wait no longer. She’s back with a new dance single called Fly Away and it’ll be released on the 21st January. It’s a collaboration between Goto and a young female author. The bad news is that it’ll only be sold digitally but there’s a chance it could come out on CD. I guess it depends on how well it sells digitally. The song is being released as SWEET BLACK feat Maki Goto. SWEET BLACK is a Mixi sponsored cross media project that both Goto and this young author are participating in.

There’s a 2 minute preview video of Fly Away below. I like the song and it’s so nice to see Gocchin back doing what she does best.

When Is Maki Goto Going To Release Any New Material?

18 11 2008

It’s been quite a while since former H!P singer Maki Goto released anything of significance and here we are nearing the end of 2008 with still no news if she’ll be putting out an album or single anytime soon. Gocchin signed up with AVEX’s Rhythm Zone label in June and I really thought by now that a new single would have been out.

Maki Goto's New Look With AVEX

Maki Goto

The only new material we’ve heard is the song she wrote and debuted at this Summer’s a-nation tour called Hear Me. You can hear the track on Youtube but it’s poor quality. The song itself sounds fantastic and I would like to see it being released soon. If it’s any indication of what we’re expected to hear from her in the future then I’m excited. It carries on in the same vein somewhat as her last album with H!P – How To Use Sexy which I thought was her best album to date. The semi-urban feel to the album suited her and I’m happy that she’s may be moving onto a more mature r’n’b style like her stablemate Koda Kumi. It’s just a shame that the crowd on the a-nation tour weren’t too enthusiastic about her but it’ll change over time. They’ve just got to get over the fact that she’s not the idol from Morning Musume anymore. She’s got a new music identity, writes her own stuff and wants to go in a new direction musicwise. I just hope her new material will win over the fans as I’d love to see her be successful with AVEX.

I’m sure in early 2009 there’ll be an announcement regarding something being released by her but for now all we’ve got is her performance on the a-nation tour on DVD.