Kago Ai Tries To Kill Herself

11 09 2011

I know this is an AKB48 blog but I just had to write something about what has happened to the ex-idol Aibon. Kago Ai was one of my favorite members of Morning Musume for many years and to hear that she tried to committ suicide by ingesting large amounts of medication and that she slit her wrists today is very sad and heartbreaking to hear. This isn’t the first time for her to try and take her own life. Thankfully medical personnel have saved her and she is no longer in danger. Her life has been one big mess since she was fired from Hello Project although she has tried her best to turn her life around but the bad choices in boyfriends has not helped her cause (her latest one being a 44 year old restaurant owner who has close ties with a yakuza clan and who was arrested last week and Kago herself was questioned by the cops).

Kago had called her agency in what was a cry for help. They immediately knew that something was amiss due to the nature of the call so they rushed to her place and found her on the floor of her apartment at Roppongi in a confused state. The police were then immediately called at 11.55am this morning with an ambulance in tow.

Please Kago, sort your life out and get some professional help. You might have thought killing yourself was the only way out but it’s not. Don’t give up on living. Life is a gift and to throw all it away like this is not an option. Stay strong. It’s nothing to be ashamed of to ask for help. Get well soon.

This Week’s Figures Are In!

30 06 2009

Well, this week’s Oricon charts are out and we finally have the complete weekly figures for Namida Surprise. They entered the charts at #2 with 104,180 copies sold so they’ve beaten their total for 10nen Sakura. What an achievement.

Sadly, Kago Ai’s comeback did not go that well and was a complete disaster which is a shame considering her single (both a and b-side) was good. It only sold 1,757 charting at #52.

Solid Start For Sales Of Namida Surprise

25 06 2009

Any doubts I had of Namida Surprise not even coming close to reaching the numbers sold of 10nen Sakura has been blown out of the water by the first day sales figures yesterday. Incredibly, AKB48 sold 41,064 copies of their new single. It was placed no.2 in the daily charts. That is just staggering and if sales continue to hold well for the rest of the week we could see them perhaps hit 100k. It just goes to show how popular the idol group is right now. I’m really happy for the girls. And as for Kago Ai, she came in at no.26.


Idol Oricon Chart Battle

21 06 2009

It was all set to be a 3-way Oricon chart battle this week between AKB48, C-ute and Kago Ai when all of them were releasing their new singles but a little while back it was announced that C-ute’s new single has been pushed back another week to July 1st so on Wednesday it’s just going to be a straightforward fight between AKB48 and Aibon. It’s a no contest in my mind as no matter how great Kago’s single is (IMO I think it’s a fantastic song), it doesn’t stand a chance of beating the all conquering AKB48. It’ll be interesting to see how well their new single does after breaking 100k with 10nen Sakura. Can it match or even beat that?

CD Cover for the new AKB48 single - Namida Surprise

CD Cover for the new AKB48 single - Namida Surprise

CD Cover For Kago Ai's new single - No Hesitation

CD Cover For Kago Ai's new single - No Hesitation

and even though it won’t be released now until July

Limited Edition CD Cover for C-ute's New Single - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu

Limited Edition CD Cover for C-ute's New Single - Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu

Kago Ai – No Hesitation PV

18 06 2009

I’ve been waiting for ages for this PV but finally it’s arrived on Youtube. So what’s the verdict on Kago’s new song? I think it’s great. It’s got a good melody to it and I like the PV too. Kago looks stunning in a black dress. Enjoy the PV.

Kago Channel Vol 1 – English Subtitles

12 06 2009

Cast your minds back to December last year when I mentioned that I’d bought the Kago Channel Vol 1 DVD and how fallen idol Kago Ai goes around Tokyo lecturing to minors about smoking underage, tackling other issues and even reasoning with a person contemplating suicide in the forest of Aokigahara near Mount Fuji which is popular with people who want to kill themselves. Well here’s your chance to see for yourself the contents of the DVD complete with English subtitles. After watching this for the 2nd time, I like the message she’s bringing across, her heart is in the right place but I still think some of the people she picked on were actors. It seems fake. Judge for yourselves and tell me what you think:

Details On Kago’s Role In New Ju-On Movie Plus Teaser Trailer

21 04 2009

Some small snippets about Kago’s role in the new Ju-On movie Kuroi Shojo has been revealed. She’ll play a nurse named Yuko who has an odd experience whilst taking care of a girl called Fukie. Test results show a cyst inside Fukie’s body which is in actuality a leftover grudge from a baby which was unable to grow.The grudge spreads from Fukie to everybody around her.

This double teaser trailer shows clips from the other Ju-On movie first then Kago’s movie.