Yukirin Joins Acchan in the drama Hana no Kimi

24 06 2011

Yukirin has landed herself a plum acting role alongside Acchan in the 2011 remake of the popular drama Hana no Kimi. Acchan has the lead role as Mizuki who disguises herself as a boy in order to enrol in a prestigious male only school just to get closer to somebody she has a major crush there. Acchan’s role was made popular by Maki Horikita a couple of years ago so she has some big shoes to fill.

Yukirin will play Acchan’s rival Juri who comes from a rich family and goes to a female only school. Yukirin has vowed that since this is a drama and not real life she will do her best to challenge Acchan’s character quoting “I will not hesitate to take her on”. Sounds like fighting talk to me!!

The producer of the drama has praised Yukirin as hard working and that as her character she possesses a smile that can poison a person!

Hana no Kimi starts on July 10th. I’m looking forward to watching it.

Yukirin’s Breasts!!

1 06 2011

I’m sorry that the title of this post sounds a bit smutty but it’s all to do with the size of Yukirin’s breasts. Some fans have noticed whilst comparing swimsuit photos from last year to this year that Yukirin’s breasts have become bigger …….well she is still young and growing. But that’s not enough to satisfy the fans who have become convinced that she has had plastic surgery to make them bigger. I think it’s totally absurd that they even think she’d had surgery.

They’ve even consulted the office of a well known plastic surgery company called Takasu Clinic whether she’d had surgery or not. The director of the clinic said that he was more or less certain that Yukirin’s breasts are real and have not been enhanced. He can’t be 100% sure as he hasn’t examined her properly. Besides she wouldn’t be considered a candidate for breast surgery as Yukirin is too thin a build he further said. These fans are probably the ones who thought that Tomochin had plastic surgery as well I imagine.

Yukirin Sings Live On Music Fair

24 04 2011

Yukirin fans are going to be surprised when they hear her sing on the clip below from this week’s Music Fair. Yukirin was on the show with French Kiss to sing Kimi Nara Daijoubu but also she had a chance to duet with┬áTokunaga Hideaki for the ballad Ii Hi Tabidachi. I know that Yukirin has a great voice but she’s fantastic here. Never mind about Acchan going solo, Yukirin should be given a shot too. Check it out.

Yukirin Falls Ill

19 04 2011

Team B Captain Yuki Kashiwagi had to cancel all her activities today due to an illness that has forced her to stay at home to recover. She was scheduled to appear in her weekly role as a weather forecaster but due to her not feeling so good she was forced to skip work. She apparently had been unwell in the morning so she went for an examination at the hospital. What is wrong with her is currently unknown. The doctor ordered her home to rest and she’s scheduled for a further examination tomorrow to check her condition. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Get well soon Yukirin.