AKB48 promotes new Street Fighter movie

27 02 2009

10 members of AKB48 have been promoting the new Street Fighter movie: The Legend of Chun Li that’s out on general release in Japan from tomorrow. They all look extremely kawaii in their costumes. The video below also has them doing a little dance and talking about the game, dance and the costume.

I must be one of the few that’s never played Street Fighter so I’m not familiar with any of the characters in the game. I preferred Tekken or Soul Blade instead. As for the movie itself, judging from the trailer I’ll give it a miss seeing as it’s not an Asian movie. I’d expect a competent movie if it was made in Japan or Hong Kong but in the hands of Hollywood I can see it’s not going to be any good.

Mari Yaguchi – Seishun Boku (Live Performance)

26 02 2009

Mari Yaguchi performed her new single Seishun Boku on Quiz Hexagon II last night. This was the first time in 4 years for her to perform solo and it showed. She was practically shouting the lyrics and her voice sounded a bit out of key in some parts but I think that was due to nerves.  I’m just delighted to see her back performing again and besides I like the song – a rock track which is unlike anything from her H!P days. After the performance the occasion got to Mari and she began to cry confessing she was so happy to be out there singing again. I’m crossing my fingers that this single does well for her. Oh and if you’re wondering why the canine logo above her name – that’s a picture of her dog Cookie but those who read her blog will know that already.

AKB48 – And The Next To Leave Is……

26 02 2009

I did say there’d be more graduations on the way and yesterday another member of the group announced that they’re leaving except it’s not Team A that’s losing one of their own this time round but Team K. Last night’s show at the AKB48 Theater had Hayano Kaoru saying she’s going at the end of Team K’s 4th stage. I don’t really know who she is – she must be a non entity on AKBingo (if she’s even appeared on it) so I haven’t really noticed her. It doesn’t really bother me at all that she’s going. This is getting ridiculous now with all these graduations. I give it another 7 days before another graduation announcement is made.

Scandal – Sakura Goodbye PV

26 02 2009

Next week (March 4th) sees the awesome Scandal release their 2nd major single Sakura Goodbye. I’ve yet to hear a bad tune by Scandal and Sakura Goodbye continues the fine run of brilliant songs by them. Even though a mini-album came out last year, I’m anxiously awaiting a full album to be released.

No Sleeves – Tane PV

26 02 2009

The PV to AKB48 sub unit No Sleeves’ 2nd single Tane is now out. On first hearing the song I think it’s definitely an improvement on their debut single Relax. The PV has the girls performing the song in a room wearing bright clothes and short skirts. My focus was primarily on Takamina just because she’s one of my favorite members in AKB48. She looks fantastic in the PV but so does Miichan and Kojiharu.

AKB48 – 10nen Sakura Full PV

26 02 2009

Here is the full 7 minute PV to accompany AKB48’s new single 10nen Sakura. It starts out 10 years in the future where we see that one member is pregnant!! You’ll just have to watch the PV to find out which girl this is. After setting up the story for the PV it switches back to the present for the song to be performed by them and what a tune it is. We’ve already had a sneak preview of  AKB48 performing the song on AKBingo but hearing it in full makes it even better for me. I love it.

C-ute Temporarily Down To 6 Members

26 02 2009

H!P released a statement today announcing that C-ute’s Arihara Kanna is out indefinitely with bunions (an enlargement of the bone or tissue near the big toe) which has become too painful for her to continue working. She is not expected to be doing any promos with the rest of the group for their upcoming single Bye Bye Bye or be taking part in C-ute’s concert tour. Kanna could be out for a few months as she recovers from the treatment for her condition. Get well soon Kanna!