22 03 2010

There’ll be a lack of updates for the next 2 and a half weeks as I’ll be off to the airport tomorrow before flying off to Japan on Wednesday. Chances are I won’t have much time to do anything on this blog as I’ll be doing touristy stuff during the day and drinking with friends during the evening. I’ll be back on April 9th when normal service will be resumed.

See you then!

AKBingo 17th March Summary

18 03 2010

Continuing from last week’s episode, it’s DANSPO Part 2!!!

1. Sae with Yuko (bar scenario)

Sae is a smooth talking barman chatting up Yuko and making her a cocktail in a bar. The members are going crazy for Sae especially Kasai and Kuramochi. She’s nearly in tears and think Sae is so cool. Has Kasai got a thing for girls in boys clothes or something? Sae score: a hugely impressive 17 out of 20.

2. Mayuyu with Takamina (samurai scenario)

Takamina is a young apprentice with Mayuyu as an old samurai master. I could hear a few of the girls shout kawaii at Mayuyu. She was OK. Mayuyu score: 8 out of 20.

3. Tomochin with Acchan (school scenario)

Acchan is the schoolgirl waiting for Tomochin as a boy. Tomochin I believe could pass as a boy. Sashi and Kitahara were impressed enough. Tomochin score: 15 out of 20.

and finally we have

4. Nito Moeno with Yuko (comedy scenario)

Yuko is the schoolgirl who tries to lift a piece of wood blocking her way with Moeno as a carpenter with stubble around the face who swings the wood around his head narrowly missing Yuko’s head as per a comedy scenario. Both girls were desperately trying to keep a straight face. The 20 members watching were also laughing. Moeno really got a low score: 3 out of 20.

Sae is the winner. Nachu butts in as a sumo wrestler in a painfully unfunny segment.

Promo for AKB48’s 2nd best album, something to do with them being photographed in bikinis, 3 ties they’ve designed and then we have the PV for SKE48’s 2nd single Aozora Kataomoi. No live performance at all on this show.

More promos for the new AKBingo book and Watarirouka’s single Akkanbe Bashi (no.1 again for the 2nd day in a row on the Oricon Daily Rankings!!).

This week’s episode wasn’t as good as last week’s. Even though Sae was great as a barman, I think Rena was just outstanding in the previous episode.

Next week: Shojiki shouji with Mariko and Maachan.

New AKB48/SKE48 TV Shows/Akkanbe Bashi

18 03 2010

There’s a couple of new TV shows coming up soon featuring both AKB48 and SKE48. The first one called Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku is set to start on the 29th March on TBS every Monday at 1.25am. The guy from Nemousu TV (Ariyoshi Hiroiki) will appear with 1 popular AKB48 member each week to give the idol group a set of projects to do and present them in order to please him. 5 kenkyuusei members will be on location to do them. If Ariyoshi isn’t pleased with how the girls do their projects, they have endure some kind of punishment. It sounds like an interesting show so I guess I’ll tune in to this.

SKE48 meanwhile have 2 new shows but these will only be short programmes, and I mean really short programmes…….like 2 mins long! The first Shitte Kaiketsu! SKEtto Net will have 3 members per episode delivering information about things like consumer issues, disaster prevention, the environment and health. It’ll only air in the Nagoya area from April onwards.

The 2nd show they’ll appear is Dera SKE ~ Yoake Mae no Kuni tori 48ban Shoubu. This 2 min show which will be on TBS every Monday to Wednesday from 5th April between 2 – 4am has the girls split into 2 teams – Team Jurina and Team Rena. Each episode will have them answering questions to do with the prefectures in Japan. The team that wins ‘gains’ that prefecture, and battle for country domination.

As for Watariirouka’s new single Akkanbe Bashi which was released yesterday I’m afraid I’m gonna have to eat humble pie!! I said in my initial post about the single that they would never be able to reach 10k in the first week. Well believe it or not they’ve broken that figure in the first day of release and even gone to no.1 in the Oricon Daily Rankings which is a hell of an achievement, even beating Arashi! I know Arashi’s single has been out for over 2 weeks already but I’m still happy for the girls even though I dislike the song. The actual sales figures were 11,159 copies. If they keep this momentum up there’s a good chance of being no.1 at the end of the week. Well done!

Majisuka Gakuen Episode 10 – Summary

17 03 2010

We begin at Rappappa HQ where we see the return of Shibuya and Black along with Torigoya. 4 underlings are asking that Rappappa should do something to which Shibuya replies “what do you mean by that”. They also ask when is Yuko returning but they have no answer. Torigoya says Sado has gone to “that place” to focus on destroying Maeda herself.

Team Hormone are eating as usual in their classroom. Sashi’s nose still hasn’t healed properly but Kitahara has gotten over her trauma from last week and is eating meat again with Daruma contemplating on the rooftop. Erena is in the process of putting thumbtacks in Maeda’s shoes  when Nezumi scares her making Erena drop the tacks. She tells her that if she wants to beat Maeda she has to follow her rules.

As Maeda is washing her hands outside and thinking they’re covered in blood, Daruma comes along and gives her a big hug insisting she’s not alone. It falls on deaf ears with Maeda pushing her away before walking off.  Sado gets a call to say that Yuko has collaped at the hospital and goes to visit her. As Maeda enters her classroom, Erena is there to issue a one-on-one challenge to her. She wants to resolve everything concerning her big sister. Maeda is wondering who her big sister could be? Then it hits her that Erena is Takamina’s little sister. As Maeda is about to follow Erena out of the classroom, the whole of Team Hormone after a pep talk by Sashi wants to accompany her. Maeda wants to do this alone but you can see that she’s thankful of their support.

Yuko wakes up to a tearful Sado at her bedside. She grabs Sado and tells her not to be hesitant as it makes her look weak. Maeda arrives at the location of her fight with Erena only to walk into a trap by rival school Yabakune. They surround her and get ready to strike. Erena is on the school rooftop when Daruma comes up asking what’s Maeda ever done to her. Erena tells her everything about Takamina, her sister and how Maeda killed her.

As Yabakune begin their assault on Maeda, we see flashbacks on Maeda and Takamina’s friendship and how they took care of one gang together. However Takamina insisted that they should stop fighting. She wanted to become a nurse (at least we know why Maeda is working at the hospital – probably repenting for Takamina’s death by following her chosen career). Also we finally know the significance of the wrist bracelets that Maeda’s carrying. They were a sign of an oath between herself and Takamina to stop fighting, study together and get serious.

Yabakune is getting the upper hand on Maeda and she looks a beaten girl. Nezumi enjoying every second of it. The full background to Takamina’s death is played out – she was trying to protect Maeda and she got destroyed by the gang that she had defeated with Maeda before. Daruma tries to tell Erena that Maeda is suffering Takamina’s death as much as she is but Erena explains that she is now experiencing the same punishment that her sister did. Daruma calls her an idiot before storming off.

More flashbacks as Maeda looks on Takamina’s lifeless body at the hospital. She thinks her death is all her fault. As we come back to the present and the final blow is about to be struck on Maeda by Yabakune, an unexpected ally comes to her rescue…….Sado!!! Sado’s words reminds Maeda of the same ones that Takamina had told her previously. It fires her up and both Sado and Maeda clean house on Yabakune with a lot of them fleeing except the President. Maeda delivers a crushing KO on her.

The aftermath sees Daruma arriving and Maeda is now ready to accept her and the others as her friends. She’s put her past troubles behind her and is now free. As Sado is leaving, she tells Maeda that she’s going to be her next opponent. She’s doing it for her sick president who’s in hospital fighting a disease. The penny drops for Maeda who she’s referring to – Yuko. The final scene sees Maeda visiting Yuko at hospital.

What a great episode. Good to see what went down with Maeda and Takamina in the past and how close they were. It seems to me that it was Takamina that was calling the shots in their friendship with Maeda hanging on to her every word.  It’s just a shame that she’s dead. What a bunch of wimps Yabakune were – all tough when ganging up on one person but as soon as Sado and Maeda starting banging heads they’re running away like cowards. Some hammy acting to be had by the Yabakune President.

Next episode: Sado vs Maeda and the return of Gekikara – YES!!!

Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 11

17 03 2010

The all conquering Arashi were deposed from the top of the charts this week dropping to no.2 to be replaced at the top by Yusuke with his song Lion. It’s not too bad a song though I would have much preferred to see Ikimono gakari hitting the top spot with Nostalgia. They entered the charts at no.3. T-Pistonz+KMC is at no.4 with an interesting little song which apparently is a tie-in with an anime.

A quiet week for new entries in the Top 10 with only 3 songs but there were plenty outside it. The pick of the bunch being Salyu at no.14 and Love at no.23.  AKB48 in their 4th week of sales dropped to no.11 and shifted another 5,264 copies of Sakura no Shiori bringing their grand total to 355,860.

The chart rundown in full:

30 Kim Yonja – Saikai
29 OLDCODEX – Blue
28 Theatre Book – Uragiri no Yuuyake
27 Toshimi Tagawa – Kita no Minatoeki
26 Chiaki Kuriyama – Ryuusei no Namida
25 Lien Shinsengumi – Hontou ni Boku de Ii n Desu Ka
24 fripside – Level 5 ~judgelight~
23 Love – Watashi Aumono
22 D – Kaze ga Mekkuru Page
21 Hiroshi Itsuki – Oshiroibana
20 Anzen Chitai – Aoi Bara / Wine Red no Kokoro (2010 Version)
19 Mai Kuraki – Eien Yori Nagaku / Drive me crazy
18 School Food Punishment – future nova / after laughter
17 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku
16 Eisaku Okawa – Ano Hi no Kimi wo Kouru Uta
15 Kii Kitano – Sakura Saku
14 Salyu – Atarashii YES
13 Yoshimi Tendo – Jinsei Michizure
12 Miwa – Don’t Cry Anymore
11 AKB48 – Sakura no Shiori
10 KAT-TUN – LOVE YOURSELF ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~
09 Berryz Kobo – Otakebi Boy WAO! / Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!
08 SID – Sleep
07 Hannya, Fruit Punch – Onara wa Zukashikunai yo / Pirameki Taisou
06 Kana Nishino – Best Friend
05 Hey! Say! JUMP – Hitomi no Screen
04 T-Pistonz+KMC – Natte Nakou ze!
03 Ikimono-gakari – Nostalgia
02 ARASHI – Troublemaker
01 Yusuke – Lion

RASC hasn’t posted his usual Top 30 videos this week so I had to look for an alternative instead which is this one below. Hopefully RASC will upload his countdown before the end of the week.

Sayaka In Super Gore Girl – A Short Review

15 03 2010

Tonight I managed to take a look at a movie that Sayaka participated in which was released in Japan in May 2009 – Super Gore Girl.

Super Gore Girl is set in the suburbs of a major city, where a certain group of students reign over their catholic girls school with an iron fist. Corpses of nuns are left to rot and hang in the school corridors! Despite the outward appearance of beauty and grace, students of the school are quite proud to be aggressive and violent in the fight against evil. Looking for a more quiet and peaceful experience than her new classmates, freshman Sachiko joins the silent bible reading club headed by senior Yukie (Sayaka Akimoto), but the school’s harsh, dictatorial leadership system soon gets in the way of their studies. When the oppressive student council suddenly passes down the order to suspend Yukie’s department indefinitely, the club decide to fight back with their secret stash of guns! After the student council are defeated, they call in for reinforcements – a group of male students dressed in army garb who have machine guns at their disposal to quell the rebellion.

Super Gore Girl is a very misleading title to be honest, it’s more of a super lame short movie. It only lasts for 43 mins. There’s hardly any gore in it except for a 5 minute spell. Sayaka is the only good thing about it to be honest. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m sure her voice has been dubbed over with somebody else’s. It sounds different and softer than her usual tone. Sayaka is so cool in this movie – like a female version of Dirty Harry as she dodges bullets and takes aim like a real pro with a gun in her hand. The last 10 mins which feature her blasting away the male students with a massive high powered rifle is great to see.  The trailer for the movie more or less shows you the major action scenes for the movie which isn’t a lot.

I’d really only recommend this to hardcore AKB48 fans otherwise I just wouldn’t bother. I’m sure given the proper role, Sayaka would make a fantastic kick ass action star.

Perfume – Natural ni Koishite PV

14 03 2010

Perfume will release a new single on the 14th April called Natural ni Koishite and the song will be a tie-in with a CM for Natural Beauty Basic. It seems they’re changing their music style a little bit for the new song too.

EDIT: The full PV came out yesterday so I’ve changed the preview to the PV.