It’s Not Over Yet For Nacchan and Yonechan

28 01 2012

When I read the statement by Togasaki last night about Nacchan and Yonechan, I thought they were resigning with immediate effect so why do I read from so many people today that both will be back for an AKB48 handshake event on the 5th February for 1 last time before retiring. Apparently this has come straight from Togasaki in a message that’s been posted today.

I understand that some fans would like to say a proper goodbye to them but I think this is a big mistake. There will be many people that will want to vent out their hate and frustrations out on them so I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a bad feeling that things will turn nasty. I think yesterday’s statement should have been it – you resign, thanks very much for your work and off you go. Surely both girls realise that they’re not going to get an easy ride in this handshake event. Talk about punishing yourself even more!!

Yonechan/Nacchan In DEEP Shit!!

27 01 2012

So here we have the first big breaking AKB48 rumour scandal of 2012 which has set the wotasphere alight today and it involves Yonechan and Nacchan. It appears that those troublemakers over at 2ch have found Yonechan’s personal twitter and mixi account and she mentions a boyfriend for 4 years that she just broke up with in an entry, looking for a new boyfriend and a possible sexfriend as well. Of course rumours are just rumours without any evidence but there’s some photos that have been uploaded and it is these photos (take a look at 3 of them below) that have dragged Nacchan into this whole sorry scenario. Add to that some entries in which Yonechan mentions a concert which coincided with Team K’s schedule and it looks like these rumours are starting to look true. What I don’t understand if this is all true is how Yonechan possibly thought she could get away with this. Hate messages have begun to appear in both of the girls’ Google+ pages. It appears that Yonechan has been made aware of the trouble judging by what I’ve read about her trying to hide herself and being very quiet when she arrived in Singapore for work duties with AKB48.

It doesn’t look good for either girl right now but if there’s one of them likely to be fired it’s probably Yonechan. If any action is going to be taken by AKB48 management it’ll happen when Yonechan returns to Japan next week. The member that stands to lose the most is Nacchan as she’s more high profile. She could be axed from WH7 let alone from AKB48 entirely. Rules are rules and if you’re caught out doing something you’re not supposed to then you should be prepared to take the consequences.

UPDATE: Looks like some action might have been taken already with news that Nacchan won’t be attending a WH7 event scheduled for tomorrow. If this is just to prevent any embarassment to her or some kind of suspension I have no idea? Will Yonechan perform tomorrow at Singapore or will she pulled out as well?

UPDATE 2: It’s all over for both of them. Effective immediately as per a message from Togasaki, Nacchan has resigned from WH7 and AKB48 with Yonechan resigning from AKB48 too. I’m disappointed in both of them especially Nacchan, a 1st generation member who was beginning to grow on me. Both have apologised for the trouble they have caused to the other AKB48 members, staff and fans. While some fans will mostly blame Yonechan for this scandal, Nacchan also has to take some of the flak. Her private twitter account has been discovered with some incriminating photos. I hope the 2ch twats are happy now that they’ve caused this.

Team K’s Yonezawa Sidelined With An Injury

20 08 2010

After Thursday’s K6 performance at the AKB48 Theater, Rumi Yonezawa injured some of her lower back muscles which resulted in her being unable to breathe deeply properly or do any strenous activity. There’s no indication how long she’s likely to be away from work, I guess it depends how quickly her back heals up. Get well soon Yonechan!